Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Record Fair update

The old saying that goes NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS doesnt really apply here but thought only right to keep you updated in a week that would have been the visit to Bromborough. Just to re confirm that we now have NO Record Fairs this year.The current restrictions and travel/lockdowns reinforce our early decision to postpone all Record Fairs for 2020. Difficult as it is it was the right decision in light on what has and is happening. Factors include travel to and from different areas for fair goers and Record dealers,venue restrictions and the safety of all. Although our events cannot be compared to the gigs/live music we are all missing the outlook is the same. There are a few other Record Fairs happening across the UK but mostly these are outdoors more akin to a market stall setup. These are reliant on the British weather which in iteself brings its own issues
for vinyl sales outdoors.
So,for now much as we would love to give you some encouraging news for our Record Fairs but at the moment its still ...lets wait and see.