Wednesday, 25 March 2020

New arrivals, Pre orders continue

Despite the closure of our shop for safety reasons during this awful Coronavirus situation, we continue from HOME to list new arrivals and pre orders for future releases. As you may have seen we have put some information up on our new Mail Order page on website, so might be worth a read if of interest. Its also OK to reserve any titles for collection when we re-open (our usual 14 day collection rule will be waived during our closure) .So, despite being invisible for a while we are still actively doing our very best to make sure we can hopefully return at some point in the future. We will keep the updates coming.....

Monday, 23 March 2020

We have closed our shop for now...

Although we had hoped stepping up safety procedures would help this week, given the gravity of the current situation and with thoughts for all our customers it seems best to close With immediate effect until further notice. There is no knowing when we will be back,but assure you our intention is to return when the time is right.We have plenty of current NEW vinyl stock which can be ordered from our website and we will arrange to get it to you by Mail order or some other way. Also, Pre orders will continue to be listed and hopefully by the time of release we will be closer to re opening. In the meantime all those with Pre orders due in very soon will be contacted and we will make sure you receive your orders in or around date of release.
We have added a link on our Website with Mail Order details but will waive any shipping fees until we are fully back on track.
It will be very sad to be away from our little shop, but much more important we all stay safe.
See you soon from us all at VOD Music.

Saturday, 21 March 2020

Social distancing

With the need for us all to step up safety procedures, from next week we ask if we could set a limit of 2 customers in the shop at any one time until further notice.
Thanks so much for your continued support in these tricky times.

Friday, 20 March 2020

Shop,Fairs,RSD update

As for everyone things have been fast moving and changed daily.So,just a quick update relating to our position, we are still open and following government guidlines,we are still unsure of how long this will continue and are making plans (sounds like we know what we are doing!!) for whatever might be next.We will of course keep you informed on any changes to opening times.

We have moved to cancel Our Record Fairs at Wrexham, Ty Pawb May 16th and
Neston,Civic Hall on Saturday June 20th, not the best news but absolutely the right thing to do for everyone.Our event at Denbigh Town Hall late July is the next one under consideration but we will see how it goes over the coming weeks and Months.

This is proving to be an ever more difficult and complicated position for most Record Shops. Whilst the rearranged date of June 20th for RSD seems now to be at best very optimistic the immediate concerns are that the shops will face their annual biggest outlay for stock at a time when the they have will probably experienced real difficulties with cash flow due
to the Coronavirus issue. Most shops at this point are still open but this could change at any time.The cut off date for ordering RSD titles has been put back early May so any decisions for our shop  will be made at this point.Worth noting that a small number of RSD releases will still come out on 18th April but will no longer be an official RSD title,this is due to some of the smaller labels needing the funds for vinyl pressed.

Will keep updates coming,we are thinking of you all...
speak soon,

Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Day off back in Thursday

We have an extra day off this week so back open Thursday and will update on the situation with shop, fairs and RSD by end of week.

Saturday, 14 March 2020

RSD, Record Fairs and Shop

The postponement of RSD with it moving to Saturday 20th June was inevitable and certainly the right thing to do to move it from April. Then comes the realisation that we dont really know how long this Coronavirus will affect everyday life, so for us at this point there is no
decision on our RSD-are we back IN or OUT or maybe somewhere inbetween? SAFETY has to come first whatever,vinyl will be there for us when all this has hopefully gone away. So, this is not a YES or NO - we will do what we think is right at the time. With the ordering cut off dates for RSD to be altered it gives time and space to stand back and assess on a daily basis.We will keep you updated so you too can plan.We are Independent so any decisions will be ours and ours alone, doing what we think best for us ALL.

The same applies to our Record Fairs and while at this point no Government guidlines restricting these we feel it just makes sense to cancel any event that could put people at risk. With Mold Record Fair on 18th April already pulled we are already considering our Wrexham event mid May. It is far too early to say yet but we will liase with Ty Pawb and let you know nearer the time.

Like all shops there will inevitably be a downturn in sales,this is fully understood.We are no different but in our case we are hoping being very small may limit the longterm financial affects.Our usual opening times continue for now, like everything else just see how it goes.
We are in the process of setting up the provision of NEW vinyl by Mail Order, there is now a link on our website main page. We would obviously much rather instore sales and chat but appreciate some people may have concerns at the moment. Hopefully this will just be a temporary measure.

Thats it for now, sure to be back soon with further updates.

Thx Colin

Friday, 13 March 2020

RSD date change

RSD has a new rearranged date for 2020, more on this soon.

Thursday, 12 March 2020


It is with a heavy heart that we have taken the very difficult decision to NOT participate in this Years RSD.We know this will disappoint many - none more than us, we have had 10 years of wonderful days in April.

After conversations with the UK organisers and the cut off date for ordering in titles upon us,we have had to make a decision IN or OUT. With so many uncertainties relating to social distancing/contact,events and the way RSD may now be delivered under new rules that may or not apply we think its best all round to make an early call on the situation. Record Store Day for us has always been about interaction ,the queue, friendships,selling in the shop face to face, chat and of course the music. This year if things turn out to be far removed from this it is not  what we would want or i guess any of us would want.This decision has been agonised over for days with lots going on behind the scenes (and very little sleep).It will also mean cancellation of our Record Fair (never have we cancelled anything before) and the Live Music which was looking truly amazing. We can only thank Heartbeat Wunderbar, Alison Cotton and The Fellowship of the Hallucinatory Voyagers for their very kind offers to play on the day.
Disappointed doesnt even begin to cover it...
At this stage RSD is still happening elsewhere but under constant review, a postponement might have helped.

Our shop carries on as all shops are at the moment, with the Mold Record Fair cancelled we will review the situation with regard to the Wrexham Fair planned for mid May. We are currently reaching out to contact as many people to inform them about RSD.

We will let you know.

So, from all of us its a big sorry, but our hand was forced by things beyond our control,
Thx Colin

Friday, 6 March 2020


DAMAR CARDS- The Precinct, Bromborough Village,Wirral.
Not your typical Record shop (back then this wasnt unusual), in  fact it was a card/gift shop back in the 1970s. As you entered the shop located on the right hand wall it had a long rack with an amazing selection of vinyl which at the time ticked all my boxes. This is where my Hammill collection started, first purchase was:
This was his 2nd solo album (the first was soon added to the collection).Like many albums
i hadnt heard anything off the LP but there was great hope having already started down the
Van der Graaf Generator path, i wasnt disappointed this is epic stuff with tracks ranging from melancoly to listen of the last track (In the)Black Room/The Tower will explain the later.The 18 year old me could never have imagined i would still be collecting his music in 2020 and still with the same level of excitement when new material is released.
Looking back i would have loved to have had a chat with the shop owner, his vinyl racks set me down a road that seems to have no end....

50 YEARS - NOSTALGIA 'TRIP'..continued

Quick recap for anyone who missed 'TRIPS' 1 and 2.
A continued 2020 mission to re-visit 12 locations/shops/stores with the vinyl purchased at the time.Marking 50 years of personal collecting, these are shops that now exist as something else.With no particular order or preference and not chronological in terms of vinyl release dates.Reflection can be a good thing, enjoying the step back in time...
Third 'trip' to follow soon on Facebook and our Website news page.

RSD wish list / wants

As per official RSD rules there are NO reservations for Record Store Day, it's first come first served on the day BUT feel free to let us know what you wishes and wants are and we will take note during the ordering process. List of what will be expected in will appear on our website RSD page before the day on Saturday 18th April

Tuesday, 3 March 2020

RSD list leak

Due to the unfortunate leak of this years RSD list by subscribers to a monthly magazine we will NOT now stay open late for a launch as planned this Thursday. Very disappointing situation , but what we can say is that it is a very good list this year so all we can do is look forward ....More RSD Info soon..

Sunday, 1 March 2020

Record Fair thanks

Many thanks for the great support yesterday at Connahs Quay for our first RECORD FAIR of the year. We love the shop but was great to be back on the road with the Fairs,  this was the first of eight planned for 2020. The next one is on Saturday 18th April in Mold on Record Store Day!

Friday, 28 February 2020

Connahs Quay Record Fair

Ready to go in the morning (sat.29th Feb)...join us for our first RECORD FAIR of the year!!!
Please note as previously mentioned our shop will not be open on FAIR day but back to usual hours Wednesday.

Sunday, 23 February 2020

Record Fair this Saturday 29th Feb.

Our first Record Fair of the year is this coming Saturday 29th February at CONNAHS QUAY Civic Hall. FREE ENTRY with over 30 stalls,onsite cafe,cheap car park adjacent to venue, easily reached by rail with train station in Shotton just a short walk away.
The Fair runs from 10am till 4pm, let the crate digging commence.
* please note our Record shop will be closed on the 29th but usual hours throughout this week.

Saturday, 15 February 2020


Our good friends HEARTBEAT WUNDERBAR have now been added to our live music line up for Record Store Day on Saturday 18th April. A band of energy,passion,melodies and driving beats. They join Alison Cotton and The Fellowship of  the Hallucinatory Voyagers who ate already booked for the day...should be great.

Sunday, 9 February 2020


RECAP  - On a mission for 2020 to re-visit 12 locations/shops/stores where i purchased vinyl but no longer exist as a record shop,seemed like an interesting exercise to do to mark 50 years of personal collecting, obviously tinged with some sadness as i will be be visiting shops that now exist as something else.There will no particular order or preference and not chronilogical in terms of vinyl release dates.As previously mentioned it maybe of no interest to anyone else (or it maybe), but i am really enjoying the step back in time.

GRAVY TRAIN - 61 Mill Lane, Liscard,Wallasey
This was a small shop with some great stock on the edge of the town, going back in time this was one of the many interesting record shops to visit on the Wirral.
Eno-Another Green World (1975), already owning his first two albums this 3rd outing saw a shift to something different, less rock and more ambient and was for me my favourite of the three. From dropping the 'needle' track 1 side 1 'Sky Saw' i was hooked.'Another Green World' also features contributions from John Cale,Robert,Fripp,Paul Rudolph.Hard to believe its nearly 45 years old,the following Ambient Eno albums
would set the bar for this genre....


In catch up mode as this was posted out on Facebook last Month, we will post out this and Februarys immediately to get us back on track.

VIRGIN RECORD SHOP- 90 Bold Street, Liverpool.
This was only the 2nd Virgin shop in the UK back in the early 70s, so different from later stores.Floor cushions,dim lighting,strange intoxicating smells, a teenager this was cool place to be.
Faust-The Faust Tapes (1973) was my introduction to Krautrock, the mesmerising artwork kept me transfixed all the way home on the train. This mighty Germanic mash up, was an eye opener...still up there with my favourite albums of all time. Caught them live at the Stadium,Liverpool the year after,sure it involved a pneumatic drill and a slab of concrete .


For those who dont use Facebook we are now going to post out these nostalgia trips here as well.
With the dawn of a new decade came the sudden realisation that it is 50 years since my first vinyl buy back in the Summer of 1970,Where did half a century go! Anyway this got me to thinking of a mission for the coming year - revisting some of the locations of
record shops where i purchased my original LP, the only thing is the shops i will be visiting no longer exist as a record shop.Sounds abit crazy, must be an age thing but the nostalgia kicked in and seemed like a fun thing to do to mark 50 years and is already proving to be a very
interesting and enjoyable task.Despite the demise of these Record shops they were all very important to shaping of my personal record collection and though no longer present in a physical form they are engraved in my memory, just a quick glance in and the reimagination of the racks, counter and staff at the time becomes a clear image, their existance is very much appreciated. There will no particular order or preference and not chronilogical in terms of vinyl release dates. It of course maybe of no interest to anyone else (or it maybe), but if you have any memories of any on the list feel free to comment. Aiming on posting out pics/details about 12 in 2020.
First TRIP to follow soon

Thursday, 6 February 2020


In addition to the excellent cosmic / trippy Sendelica side project THE FELLOWSHIP OF HALLUCINATORY VOYAGERS, we are over the moon to let you know about ALISON COTTON who will be performing on the day....

Alison Cotton will be travelling to Mold to play for us on Record Store Day at the Daniel
Owen Community Centre on Saturday 18th April , this should be something really special.
Alison is an accomplished classically trained viola player based in London. In addition to her recent solo work, she is one half of The Left Outsides and has spent the last two decades performing in bands and contributing her viola playing to many contemporary drone, folk and experimental records.As well as the viola, she uses an array of other instruments (her voice, harmonium, percussion, recorder, Omnichord, shruti box and piano) to create long, haunting
instrumental pieces. Many of her compositions are created for, and named after spaces, whether real or fictional. In 2017, she composed and performed the soundtrack to artist Jessye Curtis’ film, ’36 Dramatic Situations’. Last year, Alison was commissioned by BBC 6 Music’s Gideon Coe to create a soundtrack to the Muriel Spark ghost story ‘The Girl I Left Behind Me’.
*We will post out information soon on how you can see Alison plus The Fellowship of the Hallucinatory Voyagers for FREE on the day, there will be limited spaces due to the size of the venue so be sure to let us know if you wish to be there once full details are released.

Sunday, 2 February 2020

Countdown to our first Record Fair of 2020

Just under 4 weeks to go until our first Record Fair of the year and we cant wait!
We kick off , as is now tradition, at Connahs Quay Civic Hall on Saturday 29th February. So much interest from dealers so expect full house over over 30 stalls on the day. We continue to provide FREE ENTRY to all our events for 2020. There will also be a lunchtime cafe onsite, nearby parking adjacent to the venue and Train station a short walk away.
This is just one of the Fairs we have planned this year across 6 venues, for more information visit our Website RECORD FAIRS page where you will find all you need .

Thursday, 30 January 2020

4.15pm close 31st Jan.

This Friday we will be closing the shop at 4.15pm instead of usual 6pm. Normal opening times on Saturday with return to late night Friday's next week.

Friday, 24 January 2020

Record Store Day updates

We have started preparing and updating our website RSD page ready for the day on Saturday 18th April. If you are new to RSD check it out for a few hints and tips. We will continue updating this page over the coming weeks to inform you on which titles we hope to have in plus our event over the road at the Daniel Owen Community Centre which will include FREE live music. Due to the size of the room for the live music numbers are restricted so to be sure let us know if you want to be there and we will book you in. Details on how to do this can be found on our RSD page we will also post out on Facebook page soon.

Friday, 10 January 2020

Pre Orders-return of new releases

With the usual quiet Christmas/New Year period for releases coming to an end we are stepping up to list new forthcoming releases on our Website Online store page.

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Record Store Day Announcement

It has now been 'officially' announced that Record Store Day is back on Saturday 18th April 2020 the count down to the UK celebrations begins now.
Much more on this soon...