Sunday, 19 June 2011

Site Launch

Welcome to the new site from Vod Music, the home of the Mold Record Shop and North Wales Record Fairs.

Here is some background information about Vod Music.

VOD Music was established in April 2004, the original business of Vinylondeck was set up with the assistance of the Welsh Development Agency who were pro-actively encouraging small business’ in North Wales at the time.The trading name of Vinylondeck (which still remains) was changed in 2006 to reflect the more diverse range of music associated with our business i.e. not all Vinyl.

In April 2006 VOD Music entered the world of record fair organising in North East Wales. The lack of local music outlets in the Mold area was the driving force behind this idea and with this in mind we endeavoured to arrange events in towns lacking Record Shops.The first year saw 3 events and this has been increased slowly but surely to 7 or 8 per year.
Late in 2008 we saw an opportunity to open a small Record Shop of our own in Mold, Flintshire. After a quick refit the dream became a reality in February 2009 and Mold Record Shop has been there ever since and is reputedly the smallest Independent UK Record Shop.

On sale you can find Vinyl, CD’s, DVD’s, band merchandise Pop Art, Posters, Badges, Magazines and quite a bit more.

In 2010 the shop participated in Record Store Day for the first time, our profile was raised by this great annual event and in 2011 the shop encountered its 1st queue for the following Record Store Day. Despite opening during the credit crunch of 2009 Mold Record Shop continues to buck the trend.

The shop much like the Fairs is geared up to match needs and wants of customers. Our original motto ‘ bringing the music to you’ remains through the Record Fairs we organise, these are real feel-good events and offer a tremendous range of music supplied by some of the UK’s best Record dealers.At the end of the day the love of music and having a good time are the most important things to us and we can honestly say that we are very fortunate to be doing a ‘job’ that we really enjoy!