Thursday, 31 December 2020

Happy New Year

 What can you say about the last year, we are all ready to move on but we would like to wish you ALL the very best for the New Year and hopefully we will all have a better one in 2021. 

Thank you so much for your support , although operating Saturdays CLICK and COLLECT for now we will be back with new Opening Times as soon as this is possible.

Thursday, 24 December 2020

Merry Christmas

 Not the Christmas we all planned for and hopefully next years will be closer to what we are used too, for now all the very best from us all and have the best Christmas possible under the circumstances...take care and see you in the New Year.

Monday, 21 December 2020

Click and Collect

Following the Welsh Government briefing today we can confirm that this time it will be possible to operate a CLICK AND COLLECT system. For more details visit our APPOINTMENTS page on our website. This will start on Saturday 2nd January 2021

Sunday, 20 December 2020

Our top 50

TOP 50
Better late than never, we have been waiting for the last few arrivals to finalise our best sellers vinyl album chart for 2020. It is a list based solely on sales not preference but we have to say despite everything its been a busy year for releases and some cracking albums too.

1.Mansun-The Dead Flowers Reject
2.Neil Young-Homegrown
3.PJ Harvey-Rid of me
4.King Gizzard and the Lizzard Wizzard-Chunky Shrapnel
5.Idles-Ulta Mono
6.PJ Harvey-To bring you my love
7.Fontaines DC-A heros Death
8.Working Mens Club0Workingmens Club
9.Jehnny Beth-To love is to live
10.PJ Harvey-Dry
11.Nick Cave-Idiot Prayer
12.PJ Harvey-Dry demos
13.Doves-The Universal want
14.PJ Harvey-To bring you my love demos
15.David Bowie-Changesnowbowie
16.PJ Harvey-4 track demos
17.The Flaming Lips-American Head
18.AC DC-Power up
19.David Bowie-Metrobolist
20.Alison Cotton-Only Darkness now
21.Tame Impala-Slow Rush
22.Late Night Final-A wonderfl hope.
23.John Parish and Polly Jean Harvey-Dance Hall at Louse Point
24.Agnes Obel-Myopia
25.Rose City-Summerlong
27.Oasis-Whats the Story (anniversary edition)
28.Osees-Protean Threat
29.Kavus Torabi-Hip to the Jag
30.Laura Marling-Song for our daughter
31.Liam Gallagher-MTV unplugged
32.Courteeners-More Again Forever
33.Omar Souleyman-Shlon
34.Iron Maiden-Nights of the Dead
35.King Gizzard and The Lizzard Wizard-Live in San Francisco
36.Neil Young and Crazy Horse-Return to Greendale
37.Joy Division-Closer (40th Anniversary edition)
38.Guns n Roses-Greatest Hits
39.the National-High Velvet expanded
41.The Strokes-The New abnormal
42.This is the Kit-Off Off On
43.Eels-Earth to Dora
44.Angel Olsen-Whole new Mess
45.The Stone Roses-Remixes
46.Acanthus-Le Frission Des Vampires
47.Pearl Jam-Gigaton
48.LA Witch-Play with Fire
49.Bob Mould-Blue Hearts
50.White Hills- Splintered Metal Sky

Incidentally our top selling CD album was:
AC DC-Power up

Saturday, 19 December 2020

Lockdown from tonight

 Following the announcement by the Welsh government this afternoon it means we will be unable to open on Monday due to the Lockdown restrictions from Midnight tonight. We will update on our next steps soon.

Wednesday, 16 December 2020

Nostalgia Trip number 8

 In view of the announcement in the last hour of another Lockdown looming  in Wales ..something to lighten the mood.

50 YEARS - NOSTALGIA 'TRIP'..continued
With the year we have all had our mission of revisting 12 shops that now exist as something else became a mission impossible.but we had this one in 'the can' visited back in January of this year......We will continue our journey in 2021 .
So for now here is the last of this year, No.8

Cherry Tree Shopping Centre
I may need some help on this one, if anyone out there remembers it? Just over the road from Gravy Train in the shopping centre was the record shop Bargain Box,it was always an exciting Saturday visit (taking in the two shops) but can i find any information on it? May have been some strange dream but i have vinylific evidence so it must be true. The fact is i was a regular , what i am beginning to question is the shop name. It sold new vinyl, my first purchase there being Babe Ruth-First Base but the one shown here was by a band called Seventh Wave. The shop itself was compact but sold competitively priced new vinyl....and lots of Rock Music. Not sure what happened to the shop, maybe it still exists in a parrallel universe.

Released on Gull records in 1975 i was immediately drawn to it by the artwork and the sort of glam get up of Ken Elloitt and Kieran O Connor on the back of the sleeve. This was a studio project by the two musicians and was a keyboard based prog album which i really enjoyed when i got home so a worthwhile purchase of the unknown.The decision to buy was i have to say slightly tipped by the fact that High Banton pops up on the album!Just a bit of trivia, Ken Elloit went on the write music for TV including ITVs lunchtime news bulletin First report.The album was produced by Neil Richmond who was to be a future producer of Motorhead,this album couldnt be further away from that. It is an album with excellent stereo effects and crossovers, excellent through a decent pair of headphones too.
What great find from a great little shop.


Christmas Break

We have decided to close for Christmas at 2pm on Monday 21st December, the thought of going through the last few days and  Christmas Eve at the shop without the usual coming together,fortification and Mince pies was too much to take!
So just to confirm our remaining hours are this Friday and Saturday 10am-4pm and the Monday 10am-2pm.
Return to the shop will depend on Welsh Government guidance, the intention if possible is Saturday 2nd January.

Thursday, 3 December 2020

Love Record Stores returns

This intiative launched during the Summer Lockdown to support Independent Record shops returns today with  a release announcement of limited edition variants of their albums of the year.
We will be stocking a selection which will just appear on our Website Online Store and be placed in the racks as and when they arrive. Note,the titles will not all be released at the same time, more of a roll out over the next few Months with the first releases this Friday.

Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Record Store Day 2021

 It has just been announced that RSD 2021 will beon Saturday 12th June. More information aswe go!

Friday, 27 November 2020

Rush hour

With the first arrival at the shop this morning at a staggering 3.30am, thats not happened before for Black Friday we just wanted to express our thanks for all the support. Also,to those who went for the text option at 10am this eemed to work for those who couldnt make it due to work or other committments. I dont know what it is, but it warms the heart to see such wonderful way music lovers have with each other, prepared to pass on a title if someone wanted it more ....this is exactly why we continue to participate, we are very fortunate to have had so many happy occassions at the shop long may it continue. Have to dig my old Love and Peace poster out, sums it up perfectly

Thursday, 26 November 2020

Black Friday plus

Shop open from 8am until 4pm tomorrow for RSD Black Friday releases, more information on our Website RSD page.In addition (before listing on our website) we will offer any leftovers from RSD Drops 1-3 at half price.This offer is for this Friday and Saturday only.

Saturday, 21 November 2020

Open Black Friday

We are the strange position of being one of the few Independent Record shops actually able to open for Black Friday. With England locked down it will maybe down to a handful of shops actually participating physically although as with RSD titles will be sold online from Independent shops on that evening from 6pm. Our plan in Mold is to open the same as we managed for the first two RSD Drops (socially distanced,one in one out), so our shop will be open at 8am on Friday 27th November staying open until 4pm. We appreciate with this being a Friday its not ideal but it is Black Friday and unlike the USA where its is the start of the run in to Christmas, here its just a regular weekday. Full guide to how we manage the day and titles expected can be found on our website RSD page. Should you be unable to make it on the day feel free to text us(07904688739) after 10am on Black Friday and we will respond ASAP and inform if any of your wants are still available.

Friday, 20 November 2020

T shirt day

 Today, 20th November is BBC6Music t shirt day, send a pic up in of your favourite band/artist and they will play a track. Use hashtag #tshirtday. 

Sunday, 8 November 2020

Back open

With Wales ending the current Firebreak tomorrow it means we can re open our shop this week. The closure a day before the last RSD drop seems a long time ago even though its just been 17 days. We will be open Friday and Saturday this week 10am till 4pm but flying slightly under the radar we will also be at the shop this Thursday afternoon 1pm to 4pm - just getting set for the resumption at the shop, so if you have anything you want to pick up feel free to pop in. All RSD orders are bagged up ready to go and for some this must have seemed quite a wait to get your hand on those limited editions ordered back in October.

Monday, 2 November 2020

Update, back soon

Seeing into the future, even the near future would be handy for us all but for now our focus is to reopen our shop next week after the current lockdown in Wales ends on the 9th of November. We will confirm this next week, a week these days as the old cliche goes is a long time.With restrictions starting in England this week we may have to liase with a few customers should they need anything Mailing out during their Month of lockdown.

Thanks again to everyone for supporting the last RSD Drop which thankfully went OK given the restrictions in place at the time.Next week will contact all those who need to pick up their RSD orders, thanks for your patience.  The National organisers are already in conversations with stores as the best way forward for RSD in 2021.

Usually the same week as Black Friday on a Tuesday night to celebrate the switch on of the Christmas Lights in Mold.As you will have probably already guessed WE WILL BE UNABLE TO DO THIS later in the Month. We have so many great memories over the years of us all cramming into the shop for a chat,bit of fun and light refeshments!!!
Hopefully we can do this again in 2021.

With the turn of the calendar to the Month of November comes the realisation we are just a few weeks away from Black Friday.As with RSD this has been something we have had to carefully consider given the uncertainty of restrictions that may or may not happen in November.The success of delivering the last RSD Drop in October has convinced us that whatever, this should be possible so we are ploughing ahead with ordering in a selection of titles for the day. With more involvement from the UK RSD orgainsers this year Black Friday on 27th November will be delivered nationally in the same manner as the RSD Drops. We will be updating our website RSD page soon listing titles we expect to have in for the day.
Black Friday is an event we have participated in since 2010 and is nothing like the hurly burly that used to happen in general retail, more akin to RSD with some very exciting limited editions released.

Thats it for now, take care and hopefully see you soon...

Monday, 26 October 2020

Planning the return

 With the first week of Lockdown underway just to let you know we are still active behind the scene -new arrivals, orders and pre orders are unaffected . The end of Lockdown is currently 9th November so fingers crossed we can kick on again from there. 

Saturday, 24 October 2020

RSD update/thank you

 Wow, that was different, but thankfully this end ran quite smoothly after a certain amount of trepidation as 8am got closer this morning. I know its not what we wanted but cant thank everyone enough for going with the idea of a TEXT queue. As texts came in i was imagining the chat that would have taken place which is always a big part of the day for us. So, its almost done we have updated our RSD page to reflect whats left (just single copies of each), those sold have the title struck through. I hope this also worked for you and dont forget if you missed out on anything many Independent Record shops will be selling RSD titles online from 6pm tonight, me i'm off for a lie down!

Friday, 23 October 2020


Our option of a TEXT QUEUE for RSD will start at 8am in the morning so any titles we have up to a maximum of 5 sorted on a first come first served basis. As it is something of a lottery this time we can only accept TEXTS from 8am and beyond NOT BEFORE. We will respond as quickly as possible but please bear with us as this is an untried method brought on by the unusual times we find ourselves in. But if unsuccesful with your RSD requests dont panic as many Independent Record Shops will be selling RSD titles online from 6pm Saturday 24th October. For more information on those participating online visit the official Record Store Day Website.

Thursday, 22 October 2020

Rsd list complete

 We have now finalised our list for the 3rd RSD drop, this can be found on our website RSD page and includes some late additions and prices. 

Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Our RSD - the plan

 Not ideal or as much fun but here is how we will approach the final RSD Drop.
1. TEXT 07904688739 WITH WANTS from 8am this SATURDAY (check our RSD list first)
2. This will place you in a queue to select your preferred titles.
3. TEXT ARTIST NAME ONLY to keep it brief (only ONE of any title)
4. MAX of 5 titles per TEXT but ok to send a seperate text for any additional titles.
5. We will respond as soon as possible to inform if the titles requested can be provided.
6. Logistics,pick ups,payment will be sorted on an individual basis.
7. These are all very limited, so if you text good luck!

*Any titles over will be listed on our website from 6pm that evening. Most independent shops
participating will have titles online from 6pm too.

It may take a little while to respond, this will depend on interest but we will let you know as soon as possible.


Monday, 19 October 2020

Open 3 days this week

With temporary closure of our shop at the weekend for a 16 day Fire Break (Welsh Government  restrictions) we will be open for 3 days this week to give the opportunity (if needed) for collection of orders/pre orders/new releases or just a general browse.
Opening times:
Wednesday 10am-4pm
Thursday 10am-4pm
Friday 10am-6pm

*Information about the last RSD Drop will be posted out on Wednesday.

Plan B required for RSD-Welsh Lockdown

 With todays announcement that Non essential shops will close in Wales from 6pm this Friday 23rd October we will now have to revert to Plan B for the 3rd RSD Drop as we will be unable to open this Saturday. We have been anticipating this and will post out details by Wednesday of our alternative arrangements.
This will also mean we will not re open our Record Shop until the week of 9th November, We will of course be working behind the scene and taking orders and pre orders through our website which could be collected when we reopen for business.

Friday, 16 October 2020

RSD 3rd and last Drop

Saturday 24th October.
We will post out early  next week our plans for RSD, just hanging on in case any further Government restrictions that may affect how we approach the day. In the meantime we are updating our Website RSD to reflect arrivals (these will be priced), more arriving right up to the day.

Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Record Fair update

The old saying that goes NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS doesnt really apply here but thought only right to keep you updated in a week that would have been the visit to Bromborough. Just to re confirm that we now have NO Record Fairs this year.The current restrictions and travel/lockdowns reinforce our early decision to postpone all Record Fairs for 2020. Difficult as it is it was the right decision in light on what has and is happening. Factors include travel to and from different areas for fair goers and Record dealers,venue restrictions and the safety of all. Although our events cannot be compared to the gigs/live music we are all missing the outlook is the same. There are a few other Record Fairs happening across the UK but mostly these are outdoors more akin to a market stall setup. These are reliant on the British weather which in iteself brings its own issues
for vinyl sales outdoors.
So,for now much as we would love to give you some encouraging news for our Record Fairs but at the moment its still ...lets wait and see.

Wednesday, 7 October 2020

Black Friday announcement

The list for BLACK FRIDAY is announced globally at 6pm tonight.There will be great selection of titles being released for the day, with the possibility of more to be added.We will soon advise
which titles expected in at our shop for the event, 3rd RSD drop to do yet! Black Friday takes place on 27th November and is a global RSD event which is to be delivered in
the same way as the RSD drops to Independent shops only!

Friday, 2 October 2020

Lockdown mail outs

With Flinshire going into Lockdown this week, if you are outside the area but have a Pre Order due for collection or wish to order from our Online store visit our Website MAIL ORDER page where you will find details of themporary arrangements until the Lockdown restrictions are lifted.

Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Open for business

 We are open for business as usual Fridays and Saturdays 10am till 4pm. Please note Welsh Government guidance from 6pm Thursday 1st October. This will not affect our opening times at present. For anyone outside Flintshire we may have to revert to Mail Order for those who need their vinyl ASAP. More on this by the weekend

From 1st October Flintshire will be under additional restrictions limiting movement , we are waiting to see how long this lasts and any impact it may have on the next RSD Drop.

Sunday, 27 September 2020

Drop 2 - Thank you

Thanks again so much for the support for the 2nd instalment of this Years RSD yesterday, especially those who braved the elements through the night (it was chilly) Alan being extra keen getting there at midnight. Despite social distancing conditions in place the banter was still there and this an integral part of the day.So, its two down one to go the next and final RSD drop of 2020 being on Saturday 24th October. We will update our website RSD over the coming weeks to inform of titles expected in.

Wednesday, 23 September 2020

RSD Saturday update

 With just a few days to go to the 2nd RSD Drop this Saturday 26th September


This is a much smaller DROP than last time so we are limiting customers to a max 5 titles.

*Note, we are already taking appointments for the Sunday and a good option if you dont feel
like coming to the shop on RSD , 15 minute slots to see whats left.

For more comprehensive details including the list of titles expected visit our website RSD page.

Friday, 18 September 2020

2nd Drop RSD

With just over a week to go until the 2nd RSD drop we will be receiving releases over the coming days, these will be priced up early next week to reflect which titles we will have instore on Saturday 26th September. Visit our website RSD page for more information about the day.

Friday, 11 September 2020

Facing the music

From next Monday it will be mandatory to wear a face covering in shops, so this will have to be something we adhere to until further notice. We will still maintain the 2 metre rule with ONE IN ONE OUT and note a mask only has to be worn on entry and can be removed on exit.Like all things connected to this strange year, not ideal but if it keeps us safe then a small price to pay.

Friday, 4 September 2020

September opening times

Part of our way back after the tricky time we have all had is to readjust hours on amonthly basis. So, September sees a return to full time Friday and Saturday opening times on a ONE IN ONE OUT at the shop. In addition we will add 15 minute appointment slots on Friday afternoons between 4 and 5pm. For more information on this visit oue APPOINTMENTS page on our website. At the end of September we will reassess the current situation and inform you of any possible changes.

Monday, 31 August 2020

Thanks for Dropping in

Well that was different an yet very similar in many ways. Thanks so much for your amazing support,there have been many sleepless nights leading up to this 1st Drop but hopefully it worked albeit in a new form. There are no words that can fully express our gratitude to everyone, we had not envisaged a queue of that size (and that early) especially in these strange times we are all going through. From the 1st arrival at the shop 4pm on the Friday to close at 4pm on Saturday it was amazing to see so many people and we still got to chat in a socially distanced way. To us and it seems to so many music lovers there really is nothing that can replace picking up and album from a record shop, not sure how the shops who chose online only from 6pm coped, but it just wouldnt have been the same. We do accept it was probably the right thing for some shops but given the size of our shop One in One out does work and if possible we will seek to continue this for the 2nd RSD Drop.It was a cold night/early morning not what you would expect in August heres hoping for a hot September!  The on off saga of RSD 2020 is now underway with 2 more drops to come on the last Saturdays of September and October. We hope you got at least something off the list you were after. We will update you soon about the 2nd and 3rrd RSD Drops.Note the next drop is Saturday 26th September.

Friday, 28 August 2020

The A-Z of our RSD DROP

With the first RSD DROP this Saturday 29th August, just a few final details.
All titles will be set out A-Z in boxes with the exception of 7 and 10 inch singles which will all be in the first box but nonetheless set out in A-Z order. For safety reasons we will not pass a physical printed RSD list to customers outside the shop but all are viewable on our website RSD page which you can also access via smart phones.
All titles are priced with removable pricing stickers.
Card payments are preferable but we will accept cash.
We are ready to go now so if you feel you want to visit the shop we will open prompt at 8am in the morning, if not you can check what we have left by text (07904688739) between 6pm and 7pm or book one of the few remaining appointment slots for Sunday.

Thursday, 27 August 2020

RSD update 2 days to go

With just 2 days to go until the first RSD Drop this Saturday 29th August just to
remind you know opening times for RSD are 8am-4pm on the Saturday (socially disatnced) with appointments only on the Sunday 10am-2pm, these appointments are booking up but still a few slots left if of interest,you can check slots on our Website Appointments page.In addition we will make our phone available from 6pm-7pm on Saturday if you want to check availability of any RSD titles. All in a mix of options and with 3 drops planned for 2020 the aim is to ensure RSD is delivered enjoyably and safely.
PLEASE NOTE WE WILL NOT BE OPEN THIS FRIDAY, we are allowing this time for last minute preparations for the day.

Friday, 21 August 2020

RSD Drop details for the day

 RSD DROP 29th August 2020
4.FREEBIES including official RSD TOTE BAG for the first few

*Note, appointments already been taken for the Sunday and a good option if you dont feel
like coming to the shop on RSD , 15 minute slots to see whats left.

For more comprehensive details including the list of titles expected visit our website RSD page.

Tuesday, 18 August 2020

RSD arrivals and pricing

Saturday 29th August.
As titles arrive we will price up so you can take this as confirmation this title will be in for the day.
Please remember, as for all shops these are in very limited numbers and it is first come first served on the day (socially distanced). Keep checking our website RSD page which will be updated with confirmed arrivals right up to the day. We will set out our local plans soon for how RSD can be delivered in Mold

Saturday, 15 August 2020

RSD Drop two weeks away

 The first RSD Drop date is close just two weeks until Satirday 29th August. Most expected titles are now listed on our website RSD page with prices to be added as they arrive and this will act as a confirmation we will definately have the title in on the day. We will post out details next weekend of how this will work for us in Mold.

Monday, 10 August 2020

RSD drop info

 PRESS RELEASE today from the UK organisers of RSD with regard to the DROPS.

Thursday, 6 August 2020

RSD arrangements

With just over 3 weeks to go to the 1st and biggest RSD DROP day on Saturday 29th August, we have updated our website RSD page, titles we expect to be in will appear on this page over the next few weeks.

Friday, 31 July 2020

Opening times update

Following on from our update on the Record Fair situation, its information about the next step for our shop. A full Newsletter will follow next week with more news on those Record Store Day drops.
With a few weeks having passed since we reopened it has given us the neccessary time to assess what was always going to be a bit of a leap into the unknown. Thankfully so far the measures we have taken to make it safe and as close to where we were before the Coronavirus outbreak seem to have worked. The ONE IN ONE OUT policy has been adhered to respectfully by all customers and we can only thank you for that, its not ideal we know as really we all want to squeeze in an chat whilst browsing without having to check if anyone is waiting to come in.But this is the way it has to be for now. Sunday appointments,giving time and space to browse that little bit longer have proved popular in July, so we will continue with these during August. As we are learning as we go these appointment slots on Sundays will be extended from 15 to 30 minutes. The reasoning behind this is that it fits in well with the amount of appointments we are receiving giving extra time which we think is needed should you wish to have a proper trawl through our stock. In addition Fridays are returning, given this is release day for NEW titles we were keen to use this as the next step
to getting closer to normal opening times. All the above will be reviewed at the end of August and we will keep you informed as always of any possible changes.
So, in brief shop opening times from 1st August are...
FRIDAY 12pm-5pm
SATURDAY 10am-4pm
SUNDAY 11am-2pm (APPOINTMENTS ONLY-30 minute slots)

Sunday, 26 July 2020


50 YEARS - NOSTALGIA 'TRIP'..continued
As we have now exited Lockdown we hope to safely get around a few more locations soon but for now we continue with visits we had 'in the can'.This is a continued 2020 mission to re-visit12 locations/shops/stores with the vinyl purchased at the time.Marking 50 years of personal collecting .These are shops that now exist as something else.The trips are random with no particular order or preference and notchronological in terms of vinyl release dates.Looking back and reflecting with appreciation of the places that helped shape my record collection.

Bold Street
A trip to the top of Bold Street near St.Lukes the 'Bombed out Church',the historic Hairy Records was a great place to visit with vast amounts of vinyl,all genres covered in the well packed racks. For me there was always a guarantee of something worthwhile on the Hammill/VdGG front.Tom and myself also had regular treks over the water and clearly remember the excitement when his found an original 'What Evil Lurks' by The Prodigy, there was no way we were coming home without that! Thats whats great about Independent Record shops, you just never know what you might find.Sadly the shop closed about 8 years ago,it then briefly operated as The Vinyl Emporium closing for the final time a year later. Liverpool has always been blessed with a variety of excellent Record shops long may that continue. Incidentally,the owner of Hairy Records actually bought the first record we ever sold which was at a Chris Savory Record Fair at the Bridge Inn, Port Sunlight (I think it was a Motley Crue album!!).Miss the shop but great memories of my visits to Hairy Records.  

So, like anyone collecting their favourite band what do you do when you have all the albums?
Start collecting the compilations of course-this is one on Pink Charisma (CS2) covers the early part of the bands career, 8 tracks rounding of with the mighty 'Killer'.It was the first VdGG compilation i picked up, happilynow one of many! The fun in collecting for me is never quite reaching the end.....

Friday, 24 July 2020

Record Fair postponements

Looking back to February 29th 2020 at Connahs Quay Civic Hall, we could never of imagined that this would also be our last event of the Year. So,sadly we have to announce that the decision has been taken to postpone all Record Fair activities for this year with the hope that 2021 will bring more certainty and confidence.Things maybe better later in the Year but we have to consider the safety of everyone including our dealers many who travel
from other areas of the UK and of course the Fair goers, any Fair this year it would almost certainly involve restrictions at the venues with fewer stalls possible. .It would be prudent to keep social distancing which in itself would be a challenge and observing this would be tricky given the visitor numbers we are so lucky have.Any vaccine for the masses looks unlikely this side of Christmas,so taking all these factors into account it seems regretfully the right thing to do, we hope you understand.
Once things are clearer planning future events will recommence and we will advise as soon as possible.
Thx Colin

Sunday, 19 July 2020

Taking Appt bookingsfor 26th July

With the continuation for now of SUNDAY appointment bookings to secure a 15 minute slot to chat and browse , we have started taking bookings for Sunday 26th July. The idea is to make your visit uninterrupted by the possibility of people waiting outside while we operate a ONE IN ONE OUT policy. Note if visiting with a member of your own household then its OK to have 2 in the shop at the same time.
So far this appointment system seems to work quite well, we may tweak it a little at the end of the Month and will advise of any small changes at the time.

Sunday, 5 July 2020

Weekends at the shop

Thanks for the support for our return to the shop, we will continue for ALL July with Saturday opening ONE IN ONE OUT 10am till 4pm, with Sunday appointments between 11am and 2pm. You can book a slot by texting us at 07904688739 or dropping us an email. To check appointment availability visit our APPOINTMENTS page.

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Shop access Saturday

This Saturday 4th of July we will open the shop to customers, one at a time on a ONE IN ONE OUT basis.After a few alterations/measures instore social distancing is possible even in our small shop.There will be a sanitiser dispenser by the door and disposable gloves for browsing stock if required.We will also open Sunday 5th July but this is by appointment only. If this suits better you can book a 15 minute slot by texting us on 07904688739.
This will be the theme for July with opening limited to just Saturdays and Sundays, we will
review near the end of the Month and hopefully advise about the next step.
Full newsletter to follow soon....
Thx Colin

Saturday, 20 June 2020

It's back to the shop

Our Record shop will be open 10am to 4pm next Saturday 27th June. Our first day back will be for collection of orders only at the door, with in store browsing to follow in July.

Friday, 19 June 2020

Neston Record Fair

This event will now take place in 2021 and not tomorrow as originally planned before the pandemic situation.

Saturday, 13 June 2020


Next Saturday is the very first LOVE RECORD STORES event, this is an ONLINE EVENT to support Record Shops during their enforced closure due to the current situation.
All arrivals will be priced up and posted on our website 9am next Saturday. Only or two of each due to limited amounts to participating stores. Much like RSD first come first served, it will be first to reserve through website, as per our usual ordering system.
There is further guidance due for Wales on the possible reopening of retail shops, so we will advise on our postion very soon.

Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Planning return to the shop

We are making plans to return soon to the shop, a directive from the Welsh Government is expected soon and we will make a decision then on a date to reopen. More news next week....

Wednesday, 3 June 2020

RSD Drop dates

Just a reminder that RSD is NOT 20th June but will now be across 3 dates as RSD title drops.Titles on the RSD 2020 official list will be available from independent record shops ONLY.A new version of The List with assigned release dates was launched on 1st June and updates will follow on the official record store day website.With our shop currently we will
keep you updated about RSD as we get closer to the first date in August.

Thursday, 28 May 2020

Last Friday special

This week's Friday special...from behind the curtain will be the last for now. Seems like a good time being the end of the Month and with our eyes on a safe return to the shop when possible. No clue to the title this week as any clue would let the cat out of bag!
Friday special will appear on our website online store at 7pm Friday.

Wednesday, 27 May 2020


You many have seen this online, just to confirm we will be particiating in this day,note that it is an ONLINE event. So, whats it all about. Here you go...Limited edition releases available via over 130 stores,the aim of the event on Sat. 20th June is to highlight and celebrate record shops for their important role in local and online communities at what has been a difficult time. The event itself will be a full day of online content consisting of pre recorded at home performances, DJ sets, Q+A sessions etc.These are limited releases that labels have kindly made available to be sold online on the day.You can find more about the day on the organisers website at
We will keep you updated and informed as we go.

Thursday, 14 May 2020

This weeks Friday special

FRIDAY SPECIAL-from behind the Curtain.
Tomorrow at 7pm we will list another title on our Website Online Store page,this is one for the collector,if you like the band. Clues include-7, Scotland and a Cat. All will be revealed at 7pm this Friday, available to order from us ONLY through our website, It can either be reserved for collection when we reopen or can be Mailed out, see our Mail Order link on the front page of our website for more details.

Thursday, 7 May 2020

Another Friday special tomorrow

FRIDAY SPECIAL-from behind the Curtain.
Tomorrow at 7pm we will list another Friday Special  title on our Website Online Store page,this is a very limited edition,a title we have sold before but it was nearly 8 years ago! A real behind the curtain find (new/sealed)...a switch of genres from last weeks special, a sound that will never date.So kick off your shoes and all will be revealed at 7pm this Friday,available to order from us ONLY through our website, It can either be reserved for collection when we reopen or can be Mailed out, see our Mail Order link on the front page of our website for more details.

Sunday, 3 May 2020


Its back to Liverpool for the fifth trip...
RUSHWORTHS - Whitechapel, Liverpool.
In 1971 this was the first album i actually queued for, getting to the store bright and early on the day of release.Rushworths had been the largest music house in Europe during the 1960s, with five sales floors of musical instruments, televisions, record players and household appliances, as well as sheet music and more importantly for me, records.The street frontage now looks nothing like it did but if you look up the impressive architecture is still all there. Many of the bands from the Merseybeat era shopped there and I have a feeling Paul Mc Cartney bought his first guitar from Rushworths, though dont quote me on it.
Released in July 1971 ,thats nearly 50 years ago. Fireball the bands fifth album and the second with the Mk II line up.The excitement generated from DEEP PURPLE-IN ROCK (the first album i ever bought) made it essential for me to pick this up immediately. IN ROCK is such a great album so expectation was very high, have to say on first play i found FIREBALL disappointing lacking the raw edge of the previous album. It was more polished, experimental a fact lost on me on my return from Liverpool. Happy to say it did grow on me but my Deep Purple journey didnt carry on after MADE IN JAPAN which is one of the great live albums, full of energy and more aligned to my love for IN ROCK.

50 YEARS - NOSTALGIA 'TRIP'..continued

50 YEARS - NOSTALGIA 'TRIP'..continued
Again,this continuation of our nostalgia trips is only possible during these isolated times due to the fact thatwe already had a few 'in the can' ready to go, so will continue to post out until we run out or movement becomes possible again.This was a continued 2020 mission to re-visit 12 locations/shops/stores with the vinyl purchased at the time.Marking 50 years of personal collecting, these are shops that now exist as something else.The trips are random with no particular order or preference and not chronological in terms of vinyl release dates.
Looking back and reflecting, which at the moment seems alot easier than the here and now...
5th 'trip' to follow later today or tomorrow on Facebook and our Website news page.

Friday, 1 May 2020

FRIDAY SPECIAL-from behind the Curtain.

FRIDAY SPECIAL-from behind the Curtain.
Tonight at 7pm we will list a title on our Website Online Store page,this will be a limited edition,a variant, one we have not sold before -  we have just ONE and is only available to order from us through our website, It can either be reserved for collection when we reopen or can be Mailed out, see our Mail Order link on the front page of our website for more details.Just to note we had this title on CD last December but the vinyl (just ONE) arrived unseasonally just before the current Lockdown, herein lies a clue.
There will be another next Friday....

Wednesday, 29 April 2020

RSD 2020 announcement

Record Store Day 2020 is social distancing! Record Store Day releases are to be split across 3 dates , it has had to adapt to fit into this different place to reflect the current situation.
This means of course that Record Store Day will no longer be taking place on June 20th.
Instead, the titles on the RSD 2020 official list will be available from independent record shops ONLY on one of the three following RSD DROP Dates, Saturday 29th August, Saturday 26th September and Saturday 24th October. A new version of The List with assigned release dates will be launched on 1st June and updates will be found on and the RSD social media accounts and we will advise on our situation/participation nearer the time.The focus of these three RSD Drop dates is on supporting those stores that reopen, as well as the artists, labels, distribution and every other business behind the scenes making record stores work.This will be NOT be RSD as we know it, more focus on the exciting releases out on the DROP dates.Nothing in these strange times is set in stone so additional information as and when we have it.

Friday, 24 April 2020

Friday Special

FRIDAY SPECIAL-from behind the Curtain.
Tonight at 7pm we will list a title on our Website Online Store page,this will be a limited edition vinyl,a variant, one we have not sold before -  we have just ONE and isonly available to order from us through our website, It can either be reserved for collection when we reopen or can be Mailed out, see our Mail Order link on the front page of our website for more details.
There will be another next Friday....

Sunday, 19 April 2020

Order 1110

We have received an online order for the ORB-ABOLITION OF THE ROYAL FAMILIA.
unfortunately no contact details were left for this item. If you read this and it's your order text us on 07904688739 and we will sort out your order Asap.

Friday, 17 April 2020

No Record Fairs until further notice

Just to confirm that along with cancellation of tomorrow's Record Fair in Mold due to the coronavirus we have NO more Fairs until at least July , we will inform you when the situation becomes clearer. Take care and information on reopening of our Record shop, when possible will appear here too.

Thursday, 16 April 2020

6 Music fill the gap for RSD

With RSD not now happening this Saturday due to the Coronavirus situation..
This Saturday 18th April BBC 6 Music will be celebrating the unique spirit of the Record Shops, music lovers, bands that even in todays challenging conditions have enabled so many shops to keep serving their customers in an online world (and by varying methods).
.There will also be a range of interviews on the station this Saturday and further info can be found on the official RSD website at

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Isolation vinyl

Isolation Vinyl
RSD organisers have started a series called #IsolationVinyl where the record shops guide you through theirbest recommended vinyl releases,ONE classic the other NEW ,VOD Music is now listed on this page if you want to checkout the varying tastes across the stores visit

Tuesday, 31 March 2020

RAINBOW RECORDS- Victoria Pier,Colwyn Bay.
A regular stop off point on the way home from our family visits to the Llyn Peninsula in the 90's.The shop had a great selection of second hand vinyl and cds for all tastes.From memory there was a Cafe,Arcade,Fishing Tackle shop,Pub and the Record shop.The outside space was restricted and already in disrepair so no chance of walking to the end of Pier.Herein lies a tale...on one stop off we arrived only to find the Record shop had closed (permanently), everything was still in place but all we could do was peer through the windows at well stocked racks. Being sad about the closure and having always harboured the thought that i would love to work in a Record shop,thoughts turned to could it be something i could do? Quickly dispelling this as delusional, but couldnt seem to get it out of my mind...what would i call our shop? Having always liked a good 'pun' in a dream the words VINYL and DECK leapt out. The Pier, the boards..this is VINYLONDECK and this linked with the obvious vinyl on a turntable.
So, the name was born but not used until 2004 when we set up our business, followed by our first Record Fairs in 2006 and shop in 2009. VINYLONDECK was shortened to VOD when we set up our website in 2011. So, who would have thought a trip to the seaside could have such an influence on our life....tried to keep it brief but guess i rambled!
To the album,
This 80's album was at the time a filler for my KC/FRIPP collection and i think i purchased BEAT at the same time.Its an album of highs and lows, certainly no match for the early albums where IN THE COURT OF THE CRIMSON KING remains in my top 10 of all time.

Now, only a few pillars to the Pier were visible when this photo was taken but i can picture the exact location and
advertising that you could spot from a distance when driving from the Rhos on Sea end of the  promenade.

50 YEARS - NOSTALGIA 'TRIP'..continued

This continuation of our nostalgia trips is only possible during these isolated times due to the fact thatwe already had a few 'in the can' ready to go, so will continue to post out until our 'can' is empty or movement becomes possible again.This was a continued 2020 mission to re-visit 12 locations/shops/stores with the vinyl purchased at the time.Marking 50 years of personal collecting, these are shops that now exist as something else.The trips are random with no particular order or preference and not chronological in terms of vinyl release dates.
Looking back and reflecting, which at the moment seems alot easier than the here and now...
4th 'trip' to follow soon on Facebook and our Website news page.

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

New arrivals, Pre orders continue

Despite the closure of our shop for safety reasons during this awful Coronavirus situation, we continue from HOME to list new arrivals and pre orders for future releases. As you may have seen we have put some information up on our new Mail Order page on website, so might be worth a read if of interest. Its also OK to reserve any titles for collection when we re-open (our usual 14 day collection rule will be waived during our closure) .So, despite being invisible for a while we are still actively doing our very best to make sure we can hopefully return at some point in the future. We will keep the updates coming.....

Monday, 23 March 2020

We have closed our shop for now...

Although we had hoped stepping up safety procedures would help this week, given the gravity of the current situation and with thoughts for all our customers it seems best to close With immediate effect until further notice. There is no knowing when we will be back,but assure you our intention is to return when the time is right.We have plenty of current NEW vinyl stock which can be ordered from our website and we will arrange to get it to you by Mail order or some other way. Also, Pre orders will continue to be listed and hopefully by the time of release we will be closer to re opening. In the meantime all those with Pre orders due in very soon will be contacted and we will make sure you receive your orders in or around date of release.
We have added a link on our Website with Mail Order details but will waive any shipping fees until we are fully back on track.
It will be very sad to be away from our little shop, but much more important we all stay safe.
See you soon from us all at VOD Music.

Saturday, 21 March 2020

Social distancing

With the need for us all to step up safety procedures, from next week we ask if we could set a limit of 2 customers in the shop at any one time until further notice.
Thanks so much for your continued support in these tricky times.

Friday, 20 March 2020

Shop,Fairs,RSD update

As for everyone things have been fast moving and changed daily.So,just a quick update relating to our position, we are still open and following government guidlines,we are still unsure of how long this will continue and are making plans (sounds like we know what we are doing!!) for whatever might be next.We will of course keep you informed on any changes to opening times.

We have moved to cancel Our Record Fairs at Wrexham, Ty Pawb May 16th and
Neston,Civic Hall on Saturday June 20th, not the best news but absolutely the right thing to do for everyone.Our event at Denbigh Town Hall late July is the next one under consideration but we will see how it goes over the coming weeks and Months.

This is proving to be an ever more difficult and complicated position for most Record Shops. Whilst the rearranged date of June 20th for RSD seems now to be at best very optimistic the immediate concerns are that the shops will face their annual biggest outlay for stock at a time when the they have will probably experienced real difficulties with cash flow due
to the Coronavirus issue. Most shops at this point are still open but this could change at any time.The cut off date for ordering RSD titles has been put back early May so any decisions for our shop  will be made at this point.Worth noting that a small number of RSD releases will still come out on 18th April but will no longer be an official RSD title,this is due to some of the smaller labels needing the funds for vinyl pressed.

Will keep updates coming,we are thinking of you all...
speak soon,

Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Day off back in Thursday

We have an extra day off this week so back open Thursday and will update on the situation with shop, fairs and RSD by end of week.

Saturday, 14 March 2020

RSD, Record Fairs and Shop

The postponement of RSD with it moving to Saturday 20th June was inevitable and certainly the right thing to do to move it from April. Then comes the realisation that we dont really know how long this Coronavirus will affect everyday life, so for us at this point there is no
decision on our RSD-are we back IN or OUT or maybe somewhere inbetween? SAFETY has to come first whatever,vinyl will be there for us when all this has hopefully gone away. So, this is not a YES or NO - we will do what we think is right at the time. With the ordering cut off dates for RSD to be altered it gives time and space to stand back and assess on a daily basis.We will keep you updated so you too can plan.We are Independent so any decisions will be ours and ours alone, doing what we think best for us ALL.

The same applies to our Record Fairs and while at this point no Government guidlines restricting these we feel it just makes sense to cancel any event that could put people at risk. With Mold Record Fair on 18th April already pulled we are already considering our Wrexham event mid May. It is far too early to say yet but we will liase with Ty Pawb and let you know nearer the time.

Like all shops there will inevitably be a downturn in sales,this is fully understood.We are no different but in our case we are hoping being very small may limit the longterm financial affects.Our usual opening times continue for now, like everything else just see how it goes.
We are in the process of setting up the provision of NEW vinyl by Mail Order, there is now a link on our website main page. We would obviously much rather instore sales and chat but appreciate some people may have concerns at the moment. Hopefully this will just be a temporary measure.

Thats it for now, sure to be back soon with further updates.

Thx Colin

Friday, 13 March 2020

RSD date change

RSD has a new rearranged date for 2020, more on this soon.

Thursday, 12 March 2020


It is with a heavy heart that we have taken the very difficult decision to NOT participate in this Years RSD.We know this will disappoint many - none more than us, we have had 10 years of wonderful days in April.

After conversations with the UK organisers and the cut off date for ordering in titles upon us,we have had to make a decision IN or OUT. With so many uncertainties relating to social distancing/contact,events and the way RSD may now be delivered under new rules that may or not apply we think its best all round to make an early call on the situation. Record Store Day for us has always been about interaction ,the queue, friendships,selling in the shop face to face, chat and of course the music. This year if things turn out to be far removed from this it is not  what we would want or i guess any of us would want.This decision has been agonised over for days with lots going on behind the scenes (and very little sleep).It will also mean cancellation of our Record Fair (never have we cancelled anything before) and the Live Music which was looking truly amazing. We can only thank Heartbeat Wunderbar, Alison Cotton and The Fellowship of the Hallucinatory Voyagers for their very kind offers to play on the day.
Disappointed doesnt even begin to cover it...
At this stage RSD is still happening elsewhere but under constant review, a postponement might have helped.

Our shop carries on as all shops are at the moment, with the Mold Record Fair cancelled we will review the situation with regard to the Wrexham Fair planned for mid May. We are currently reaching out to contact as many people to inform them about RSD.

We will let you know.

So, from all of us its a big sorry, but our hand was forced by things beyond our control,
Thx Colin

Friday, 6 March 2020


DAMAR CARDS- The Precinct, Bromborough Village,Wirral.
Not your typical Record shop (back then this wasnt unusual), in  fact it was a card/gift shop back in the 1970s. As you entered the shop located on the right hand wall it had a long rack with an amazing selection of vinyl which at the time ticked all my boxes. This is where my Hammill collection started, first purchase was:
This was his 2nd solo album (the first was soon added to the collection).Like many albums
i hadnt heard anything off the LP but there was great hope having already started down the
Van der Graaf Generator path, i wasnt disappointed this is epic stuff with tracks ranging from melancoly to listen of the last track (In the)Black Room/The Tower will explain the later.The 18 year old me could never have imagined i would still be collecting his music in 2020 and still with the same level of excitement when new material is released.
Looking back i would have loved to have had a chat with the shop owner, his vinyl racks set me down a road that seems to have no end....

50 YEARS - NOSTALGIA 'TRIP'..continued

Quick recap for anyone who missed 'TRIPS' 1 and 2.
A continued 2020 mission to re-visit 12 locations/shops/stores with the vinyl purchased at the time.Marking 50 years of personal collecting, these are shops that now exist as something else.With no particular order or preference and not chronological in terms of vinyl release dates.Reflection can be a good thing, enjoying the step back in time...
Third 'trip' to follow soon on Facebook and our Website news page.

RSD wish list / wants

As per official RSD rules there are NO reservations for Record Store Day, it's first come first served on the day BUT feel free to let us know what you wishes and wants are and we will take note during the ordering process. List of what will be expected in will appear on our website RSD page before the day on Saturday 18th April

Tuesday, 3 March 2020

RSD list leak

Due to the unfortunate leak of this years RSD list by subscribers to a monthly magazine we will NOT now stay open late for a launch as planned this Thursday. Very disappointing situation , but what we can say is that it is a very good list this year so all we can do is look forward ....More RSD Info soon..

Sunday, 1 March 2020

Record Fair thanks

Many thanks for the great support yesterday at Connahs Quay for our first RECORD FAIR of the year. We love the shop but was great to be back on the road with the Fairs,  this was the first of eight planned for 2020. The next one is on Saturday 18th April in Mold on Record Store Day!

Friday, 28 February 2020

Connahs Quay Record Fair

Ready to go in the morning (sat.29th Feb)...join us for our first RECORD FAIR of the year!!!
Please note as previously mentioned our shop will not be open on FAIR day but back to usual hours Wednesday.

Sunday, 23 February 2020

Record Fair this Saturday 29th Feb.

Our first Record Fair of the year is this coming Saturday 29th February at CONNAHS QUAY Civic Hall. FREE ENTRY with over 30 stalls,onsite cafe,cheap car park adjacent to venue, easily reached by rail with train station in Shotton just a short walk away.
The Fair runs from 10am till 4pm, let the crate digging commence.
* please note our Record shop will be closed on the 29th but usual hours throughout this week.

Saturday, 15 February 2020


Our good friends HEARTBEAT WUNDERBAR have now been added to our live music line up for Record Store Day on Saturday 18th April. A band of energy,passion,melodies and driving beats. They join Alison Cotton and The Fellowship of  the Hallucinatory Voyagers who ate already booked for the day...should be great.

Sunday, 9 February 2020


RECAP  - On a mission for 2020 to re-visit 12 locations/shops/stores where i purchased vinyl but no longer exist as a record shop,seemed like an interesting exercise to do to mark 50 years of personal collecting, obviously tinged with some sadness as i will be be visiting shops that now exist as something else.There will no particular order or preference and not chronilogical in terms of vinyl release dates.As previously mentioned it maybe of no interest to anyone else (or it maybe), but i am really enjoying the step back in time.

GRAVY TRAIN - 61 Mill Lane, Liscard,Wallasey
This was a small shop with some great stock on the edge of the town, going back in time this was one of the many interesting record shops to visit on the Wirral.
Eno-Another Green World (1975), already owning his first two albums this 3rd outing saw a shift to something different, less rock and more ambient and was for me my favourite of the three. From dropping the 'needle' track 1 side 1 'Sky Saw' i was hooked.'Another Green World' also features contributions from John Cale,Robert,Fripp,Paul Rudolph.Hard to believe its nearly 45 years old,the following Ambient Eno albums
would set the bar for this genre....


In catch up mode as this was posted out on Facebook last Month, we will post out this and Februarys immediately to get us back on track.

VIRGIN RECORD SHOP- 90 Bold Street, Liverpool.
This was only the 2nd Virgin shop in the UK back in the early 70s, so different from later stores.Floor cushions,dim lighting,strange intoxicating smells, a teenager this was cool place to be.
Faust-The Faust Tapes (1973) was my introduction to Krautrock, the mesmerising artwork kept me transfixed all the way home on the train. This mighty Germanic mash up, was an eye opener...still up there with my favourite albums of all time. Caught them live at the Stadium,Liverpool the year after,sure it involved a pneumatic drill and a slab of concrete .


For those who dont use Facebook we are now going to post out these nostalgia trips here as well.
With the dawn of a new decade came the sudden realisation that it is 50 years since my first vinyl buy back in the Summer of 1970,Where did half a century go! Anyway this got me to thinking of a mission for the coming year - revisting some of the locations of
record shops where i purchased my original LP, the only thing is the shops i will be visiting no longer exist as a record shop.Sounds abit crazy, must be an age thing but the nostalgia kicked in and seemed like a fun thing to do to mark 50 years and is already proving to be a very
interesting and enjoyable task.Despite the demise of these Record shops they were all very important to shaping of my personal record collection and though no longer present in a physical form they are engraved in my memory, just a quick glance in and the reimagination of the racks, counter and staff at the time becomes a clear image, their existance is very much appreciated. There will no particular order or preference and not chronilogical in terms of vinyl release dates. It of course maybe of no interest to anyone else (or it maybe), but if you have any memories of any on the list feel free to comment. Aiming on posting out pics/details about 12 in 2020.
First TRIP to follow soon

Thursday, 6 February 2020


In addition to the excellent cosmic / trippy Sendelica side project THE FELLOWSHIP OF HALLUCINATORY VOYAGERS, we are over the moon to let you know about ALISON COTTON who will be performing on the day....

Alison Cotton will be travelling to Mold to play for us on Record Store Day at the Daniel
Owen Community Centre on Saturday 18th April , this should be something really special.
Alison is an accomplished classically trained viola player based in London. In addition to her recent solo work, she is one half of The Left Outsides and has spent the last two decades performing in bands and contributing her viola playing to many contemporary drone, folk and experimental records.As well as the viola, she uses an array of other instruments (her voice, harmonium, percussion, recorder, Omnichord, shruti box and piano) to create long, haunting
instrumental pieces. Many of her compositions are created for, and named after spaces, whether real or fictional. In 2017, she composed and performed the soundtrack to artist Jessye Curtis’ film, ’36 Dramatic Situations’. Last year, Alison was commissioned by BBC 6 Music’s Gideon Coe to create a soundtrack to the Muriel Spark ghost story ‘The Girl I Left Behind Me’.
*We will post out information soon on how you can see Alison plus The Fellowship of the Hallucinatory Voyagers for FREE on the day, there will be limited spaces due to the size of the venue so be sure to let us know if you wish to be there once full details are released.

Sunday, 2 February 2020

Countdown to our first Record Fair of 2020

Just under 4 weeks to go until our first Record Fair of the year and we cant wait!
We kick off , as is now tradition, at Connahs Quay Civic Hall on Saturday 29th February. So much interest from dealers so expect full house over over 30 stalls on the day. We continue to provide FREE ENTRY to all our events for 2020. There will also be a lunchtime cafe onsite, nearby parking adjacent to the venue and Train station a short walk away.
This is just one of the Fairs we have planned this year across 6 venues, for more information visit our Website RECORD FAIRS page where you will find all you need .

Thursday, 30 January 2020

4.15pm close 31st Jan.

This Friday we will be closing the shop at 4.15pm instead of usual 6pm. Normal opening times on Saturday with return to late night Friday's next week.

Friday, 24 January 2020

Record Store Day updates

We have started preparing and updating our website RSD page ready for the day on Saturday 18th April. If you are new to RSD check it out for a few hints and tips. We will continue updating this page over the coming weeks to inform you on which titles we hope to have in plus our event over the road at the Daniel Owen Community Centre which will include FREE live music. Due to the size of the room for the live music numbers are restricted so to be sure let us know if you want to be there and we will book you in. Details on how to do this can be found on our RSD page we will also post out on Facebook page soon.

Friday, 10 January 2020

Pre Orders-return of new releases

With the usual quiet Christmas/New Year period for releases coming to an end we are stepping up to list new forthcoming releases on our Website Online store page.

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Record Store Day Announcement

It has now been 'officially' announced that Record Store Day is back on Saturday 18th April 2020 the count down to the UK celebrations begins now.
Much more on this soon...