Friday, 27 November 2020

Rush hour

With the first arrival at the shop this morning at a staggering 3.30am, thats not happened before for Black Friday we just wanted to express our thanks for all the support. Also,to those who went for the text option at 10am this eemed to work for those who couldnt make it due to work or other committments. I dont know what it is, but it warms the heart to see such wonderful way music lovers have with each other, prepared to pass on a title if someone wanted it more ....this is exactly why we continue to participate, we are very fortunate to have had so many happy occassions at the shop long may it continue. Have to dig my old Love and Peace poster out, sums it up perfectly

Thursday, 26 November 2020

Black Friday plus

Shop open from 8am until 4pm tomorrow for RSD Black Friday releases, more information on our Website RSD page.In addition (before listing on our website) we will offer any leftovers from RSD Drops 1-3 at half price.This offer is for this Friday and Saturday only.

Saturday, 21 November 2020

Open Black Friday

We are the strange position of being one of the few Independent Record shops actually able to open for Black Friday. With England locked down it will maybe down to a handful of shops actually participating physically although as with RSD titles will be sold online from Independent shops on that evening from 6pm. Our plan in Mold is to open the same as we managed for the first two RSD Drops (socially distanced,one in one out), so our shop will be open at 8am on Friday 27th November staying open until 4pm. We appreciate with this being a Friday its not ideal but it is Black Friday and unlike the USA where its is the start of the run in to Christmas, here its just a regular weekday. Full guide to how we manage the day and titles expected can be found on our website RSD page. Should you be unable to make it on the day feel free to text us(07904688739) after 10am on Black Friday and we will respond ASAP and inform if any of your wants are still available.

Friday, 20 November 2020

T shirt day

 Today, 20th November is BBC6Music t shirt day, send a pic up in of your favourite band/artist and they will play a track. Use hashtag #tshirtday. 

Sunday, 8 November 2020

Back open

With Wales ending the current Firebreak tomorrow it means we can re open our shop this week. The closure a day before the last RSD drop seems a long time ago even though its just been 17 days. We will be open Friday and Saturday this week 10am till 4pm but flying slightly under the radar we will also be at the shop this Thursday afternoon 1pm to 4pm - just getting set for the resumption at the shop, so if you have anything you want to pick up feel free to pop in. All RSD orders are bagged up ready to go and for some this must have seemed quite a wait to get your hand on those limited editions ordered back in October.

Monday, 2 November 2020

Update, back soon

Seeing into the future, even the near future would be handy for us all but for now our focus is to reopen our shop next week after the current lockdown in Wales ends on the 9th of November. We will confirm this next week, a week these days as the old cliche goes is a long time.With restrictions starting in England this week we may have to liase with a few customers should they need anything Mailing out during their Month of lockdown.

Thanks again to everyone for supporting the last RSD Drop which thankfully went OK given the restrictions in place at the time.Next week will contact all those who need to pick up their RSD orders, thanks for your patience.  The National organisers are already in conversations with stores as the best way forward for RSD in 2021.

Usually the same week as Black Friday on a Tuesday night to celebrate the switch on of the Christmas Lights in Mold.As you will have probably already guessed WE WILL BE UNABLE TO DO THIS later in the Month. We have so many great memories over the years of us all cramming into the shop for a chat,bit of fun and light refeshments!!!
Hopefully we can do this again in 2021.

With the turn of the calendar to the Month of November comes the realisation we are just a few weeks away from Black Friday.As with RSD this has been something we have had to carefully consider given the uncertainty of restrictions that may or may not happen in November.The success of delivering the last RSD Drop in October has convinced us that whatever, this should be possible so we are ploughing ahead with ordering in a selection of titles for the day. With more involvement from the UK RSD orgainsers this year Black Friday on 27th November will be delivered nationally in the same manner as the RSD Drops. We will be updating our website RSD page soon listing titles we expect to have in for the day.
Black Friday is an event we have participated in since 2010 and is nothing like the hurly burly that used to happen in general retail, more akin to RSD with some very exciting limited editions released.

Thats it for now, take care and hopefully see you soon...