Saturday, 26 June 2021

RSD list update

 We are nearer completion of the list informing you of expected RSD titles for the 2nd Drop from the shop on Saturday 17th July. All details can be found on our website RSD page.

Thursday, 17 June 2021

Return to Thurs-Sat hours

 After an amazing RSD its back to Appointment on Thursdays 10am-5pm (24 hours notice required), plus open instore Fridays and Saturdays 10am-4pm with an hour of appointment slots available after instore hours on these days.

Saturday, 12 June 2021

Shop open Sunday 13th June

 We will be open 10am-1pm this Sunday to give opportunity to pop in to see whats left after RSD, no appointments needed.

RSD thanks

 A very enjoyable 1st Drop for RSD, the first at the shop 10.53am on the day before! Thanks so much to everyone for supporting our shop again making it a memorable day. Next Drop for RSD is SAturday 17th July. We will update our RSD page over the next u of weeks to advise which titles we will be having in.

Tuesday, 8 June 2021

RSD what you need to know

From the shop 8am onwards....
Socially distanced outside store
One in One out
Mask required instore
One title of each up to max 10
OK to rejoin any queue if over 10 items required

We are one of the shops selected by REGA to have received a few limited edition RSD slipmats for the day. We knew nothing about this until they arrived the other day. They will be handed out FREE (one per person) to the first few to visit our shop on RSD.

There will be a selection of Freebies for the first few including the REGA RSD slipmat mentioned above.

RSD organisers have collaborated with Meantime Brewing Company who are an award-winning craft brewery in Greenwich, London,to release the very first RSDUK collab beer and we have purchased some to mark the day, so if you are one of our first customers on Saturday we will pop one in your bag for Free. A lovely session ale in a can that celebrates RSD. Note we will be not selling any additional cans this is purely a gift to enjoyed at your leisure and we have to say the can looks amazing!

In the run up to RSD we are still taking appointments as usual 10am-5pm this Thursday.

In order to complete final preparations for RSD we will be closed the day before on the Friday.

We will open up the shop prompt at 8am (earliest time permitted under RSD rules) and close at 4pm.

In addition to RSD we will open the shop on the Sunday 10am-1pm. This is something we have done for a number of years and gives the option of popping in to see whats left over the day after. We chose 10am-1pm in case any footy fans want to watch the Euro games that commence at 2pm. Once again it will be ONE IN ONE OUT with no appointments needed. 

Well, as usual as they are these days meaning, Appointments Thursdays 10am-5pm and Friday and Saturday 10am-4pm with an appointment hour at the end of each of the Friday and Saturday opening times.

Some RSD releases are going right down to the wire and may slip back to the 2nd drop in July but everything priced on our website RSD page will be on sale at our shop on Saturday (please remember that all very limited so not many of each).If you do pop in on RSD we really hope you have luck and leave with something off your wants list,we are always so happy when this happens.

Might see you Saturday!

Thursday, 3 June 2021

RSD pricing underway

 We have started confirming arrivals by pricing up, this process will continue right up to the day and any non arrivals will be taken off our list so you know exactly whats in.