Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Shop closed Thursday 26th April

We are closed just for one day this Thursday and return to normal opening times Friday 27th April.

Whats left after RSD

We have updated our Website RSD page to reflect what is left as we speak today, obviously this will change over the week and we will then incorporate any left overs into our NEW VINYL stock after this coming Saturday.

Monday, 23 April 2018

RSD overview

What day, thanks so much to everyone for making this our busiest day at the shop to date, but far more importantly a day to remember for many reasons and so much to take in.Starting with the queue, were Tony from Wallasey got first spot at 5.45pm Friday evening.Last Year was early but this was so unexpected and with many following shortly after, by 9pm there was the makings of a sizeable queue.We had a Tim celebrating his Birthday overnight(thats dedication),three ladies on the way back from the pub in the early hours who spotted the queue and vowed to return  with bacon sandwiches, which they did to feed the many, just wish i knew who they were to thank them.We opened the shop at about 8.45 am just after Rubens had been down to the shop with Free Coffees, not forgetting Richer Sounds of Chester who handed out many goodie bags.Then it was straight into those RSD releases, such a lovely experience to be a small part such an amazing Global event. As always so much joy to to be found from people in the queue who all have their own stories to tell.With the Record Fair kicking off just after 9am special thanks to the dealers who provided a great event for all and Ros,Dave and Chris who helped out on the day.The Live music upstairs at the Daniel Owen Community Centre was off the scale, thanks to Tom for doing such a great job on Sound, Kavus Torabi for his cosmic spell binding performance and Sendelica for nearly taking the roof off,loved it.Last but not least Pat, James and Sophie , we all had a lovely day and hope you did too.
We are so lucky, thank you!

Saturday, 21 April 2018

Shop open tomorrow

We are open tomorrow 11am-2pm (Sunday 22nd April) mainly to get sorted after RSD but feel free to pop in if you are passing to check out any RSD left overs.

Thursday, 19 April 2018

RSD update , the final countdown

All relevant info as you know is on our Website RSD page, just to say here we go and wish everyone visiting the shop this Saturday all the very best and hope your wishes come true.
Our shop is closed tomorrow (Friday 20th April) to allow us to set up event for the day at the Daniel Owen Community Centre. See you for RSD, thx Colin

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Sounds from Richer on RSD

RICHER SOUNDS will now be joining us on RSD (Saturday 21st April), upstairs at the Daniel Owen Community Centre.They will demo the Technics 1200gr, Roksan Amp and Monitor Audio speakers. In addition they will bringing FREE goody bags and also have a FREE prize draw for Hi Fi accessories.So head to ROOM 4 at the venue on the day for a chat with the guys from Richer Sounds.
*The Live music upstairs on the day requires a CODE to see the Bands but this is NOT needed
to visit Hi Fi room. *If you want a CODE for the Live Music let us know ASAP.

Sunday, 1 April 2018

RSD pricing

With just under 3 weeks to go we will start pricing up RECORD STORE DAY titles later this week. There will be also be a few additional titles so keep watching. our Website RSD page.