Thursday, 29 November 2012

Thanks for supporting Light-up Tuesday

Many thanks to those who joined us last Tuesday for our late night opening. Just a shame more retailers in the Town didnt chose stay open as expected for the switch on of the Towns Christmas lights....bah humbug. We enjoyed it though and hopefully we can do it again next year!

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Light-up Tuesday this week November 27th

Just to remind you that MOLD switches its Christmas lights on at 6pm this Tuesday. Our Record shop will be open from 4pm till 8pm to celebrate this event and we will provide FREE refreshments for anyone who wants to pop in. The Town itself will have lots going on, rides,entertainment and many of the shops will also be staying open until 8pm. So, ignore the Weather, wrap up and head for Mold this Tuesday.

An unexpected visitor

Last Friday, on noticing a customer checking out the Van der Graaf Generator CDs in the rack and being a lifelong fan myself, I couldnt help but ask about his interest in the group. It turned out that the customer was David Shaw Parker the author of the very collectable Van der Graaf book THE LEMMING CHRONICLES, which happily I have a copy of. He is also an actor and was into his last three nights of a production at the Theatr Clwyd. Have to say it was quite an exciting moment for me and David stayed a while and we had a very interesting chat about the band. I thanked him for his time (and his autograph) and he left clutching the latest two releases by Van der Graaf.....

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Psyched up

We have some really interesting new Vinyl LPs in for lovers of Psych music. The Alien Ballroom-Zero pc AD, Bardo Pond-Yntra  very limited and beautiful diecut sleeve, Spacin-Deep Thuds, Circuit Rider - Circuit Rider...supposedly one of the top ten Psych titles likely to be owned by a serial killer-in truth if you like the Doors LA Woman this will be right up your street. Finally the amazing triple White vinyl release by the Flavor Crystals-Three. We recommend you click onto Youtube to listen to the Flavor Crystals track Mirror Chop for a sample of what to expect for the later! All above titles come with great artwork as you would expect for this genre. We are expecting some more additions to this section soon so keep watching the blogs.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Black Friday done!

Thanks for the mini queue this morning-thanks to those who waited patiently from 9 15am, although we only had a few bits and pieces for the day at least we participated and its apparent that with Suppliers and the Press onside in the UK things could definately be alot better. Just a couple of 7 inches left which we expect to sell tomorrow. Record Store day in contrast promises so much and we cant wait for April 20th next year,this year we managed to get three times as many releases for Record Store Day as the year before, the challenge starts now to better that in 2013.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

BLACK FRIDAY 23rd November

BLACK FRIDAY releases in for the day are: 7"s - Captain Beefheart-Abba Zabba, Captain Beefheart-Plastic Factory, Bob Dylan-Duquesne Whistle,Frank Zappa and Mothers-Why doncha do me right....all very limited with exclusive b sides. Mad season 10" on red vinyl. Tomahawk-Stone letter 7", Leonard Cohen/Jeff Buckley-Hallelujah 7", Judas Priest-Screaming for Vengeanace LP picture real gem Velvet Underground-Sceptor Studios LP from original acetate!
Also expected but not yet arrived....hopefully on the day are 3 x White Stripes 7"s plus a Bert Jansch 7". Apart from the later all the others are in but very limited numbers, in fact only one in some cases. We have it on good authority from our supplier that the Beefheart 7"s only went out to 5 shops in the UK. To be fair, as we have so few it will be first come first served from 10.30am tomorrow Friday 23rd November. Record Store day next year will be on another level!

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Black Friday releases

Got to our BUY FEATURED page to see whats on offer. Although only a few bits and pieces the ones we have are very interesting. Due to extreme limitations on what we can get the only fair way to distribute will be on first come first served basis.
Also due in are some very interesting Psych releases, should also be in shop by Friday.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Date for your Diary on Tuesday November 27th.

Mold Christmas lights switch on sees our shop stay open from 4 till 8pm, we will have free refreshments instore for anyone who wants to pop in to celebrate the turn on of the lights which will be at 6pm in the High Street.More info nearer the time.

Deutsche additions plus...

GURU GURU's Live in Wiesbadden, Germany 1972 is another addition to our racks on new vinyl from the BB presents series on coloured vinyl. Also in is the classic Prog album by Krautrockers NOVALIS,Vielleicht Bist Du Ein Clown on secondhand vinyl on the famous BRAIN label..
On the non Kraut front we have GENTLE GIANT Live in Essen , Germany 1971 on Vinyl with a couple of great re-issue CDs by the band, Acquiring the taste and Octopus.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Record Store Day v Black Friday

With Black Friday fast approaching on November 23rd, it is interesting to reflect on he comparisions. Actually it seems as far as the UK is concerned there is NO comparision. There seems to be a reluctance by suppliers and distributors to embrace what is essentially an important day in the U.S.
Record Store Day by contrast has become huge and has a completely different feel. Lots of UK interest, an event which just grows every year. We are very pleased to be a part of it too and April 20th next year should be yet again something very special. So where does this leave Black Friday? Well for us there may be a few interesting releases arriving, but it will be just a few.As soon as anything confirmed we will post it on our site, but it does appear Black Friday looks destined to remain a special day on the other side of the pond.

New Vinyl arrivals

Just in.....
First 1,000 copies on coloured & numbered vinyl
Produced by Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree)
180 gram audiophile vinyl / Gatefold Sleeve

Other new arrivals include Opeths-Damnation,Live-Throwing Copper,
Sandy Denny-19th Rupert Street, Rory Gallagher-Against the Grain ,
The Clash- Londons Calling (30th Anniversary) and David Bowies-Heathen

Saturday, 3 November 2012

New Flint venue info

Hopefully details of our new FLINT Record Fair venue will go live on our website very soon so keep checking our FAIRS page and click on venue once its active.
Still looking at possibility of another venue for 2013....

Christmas Crackers from Fruits de mer records

Out mid-December, let us know if you need any, lots of interest expected on these limited editions.

On the Regal Crabomophone label, Winkle 9 - US psychedelic rockers The Luck Of Eden Hall are back with a 4-track EP, comprising two songs from their brilliant new CD 'Alligators Eat Gumdrops' along with exclusive covers of The Doors' 'Crystal Ship' and SRC's 'Black Sheep'.Classy stuff from Chicago's finest.

On Fruits de Mer, Crustacean 33 - 'The White EP' - eight tracks from The Beatles' classic double album, spread across four sides of 7" vinyl. Artists contributing exclusive tracks include The Bevis Frond, Cranium Pie, Henry Padovani, Jack Ellister, Anton Barbeau and The Pretty Things (whose version of 'Helter Skelter' has to be heard to be believed - stunning!). Gatefold white sleeve, white vinyl, sequentially-numbered.
A tribute to the original, only smaller.

On Fruits de Mer, Crustacean 34 - 'The League of Psychedelic Gentlemen' -a four-track 7" featuring new or previously-unreleased tracks by four cult heroes of 'new psychedelia'  - Nick Nicely, Anton Barbeau, Paul Roland and The Bevis Frond, who have each gone into the studio, or delved into their archives, to come up with a track per artist for this one-off project. This ISN'T a new supergroup, each artist has contributed their own track).

On Fruits de Mer, Crustacean 35 - The Fruits de Mer 2013 Annual - This year it comprises the bizarre combination of a cover of Faust's 'Jennifer' by Russian prog band Vespero (that arrived too late for the 'Head Music' compilation) with a new version of 'Pegasus' by Temple Music that's a wholly unrepresentative taster for The Hollies album I'll be releasing in early 2013. The combination sounds ridiculous, but you've never heard The Hollies like this before and somehow they fit together.

The three 7" singles will each be produced in two colours of vinyl, while The White EP double 7" will be white vinyl