Friday, 30 December 2011

Last shop standing film

It seems we are to get a mention in the Last Shop Standing film (to be filmed during January 2012 for release early Summer), Graham Jones the author of the book of the same name is overseeing the project, have included some info below.

Last Shop Standing

The fall and resurrection of the independent record store

The Project we would love you to be a part of…..

Last Shop Standing is collaboration between award winning feature film company Blue Hippo Media, and Proper Music Publishing Ltd.

Based on the successful book of the same name, Last Shop Standing will be a 60-minute documentary to be released early summer 2012. It will be a celebration of the unique spirit of comradeship and entrepreneurial ingenuity that has enabled so many shops to keep operating successfully against the backdrop of massive changes in the music industry, the biggest recession in years, the growth of online file sharing and the explosion of choice in music consumption.

Not long ago there was a record shop on every high street, but over 500 independent record stores have closed during the last few years. Record shops were always more than retail outlets, they are part of our culture; they support new bands and local talent. A place for musicians and music fans to congregate, to browse away a few hours, to walk away with music they didntt know existed.

Who will be featured…..

The film will feature appearances by musicians including Norman Cook and Richard Hawley along with industry insiders and record shop owners. The film will celebrate and promote our great independent record stores.

What will happen once the film is completed.......

We will enter Last Shop Standing in a range of national and international documentary film festivals and we are already exploring opportunities for broadcast on both mainstream and cable/satellite channels in both the USA and UK. In addition a DVD will be produced that will be promoted through our extensive network of trade outlets, mailing lists and associated web-sites

Monday, 26 December 2011

Buy featured items from this site

As many will know the BUY FEATURED page of this site has remained dormant since the launch of this website about 6 month's ago, we have promised to get our finger out and at last there is one item up for sale. One item, i hear you say! Well it's a start, after abit of nervous coding I think all looks good. Only new vinyl will be listed intially and we will probably concentrate on FRUITS DE MER items for a trial period. Any payment requires the buyer to have a PAYPAL ACCOUNT, we think for security reasons this is the easiest and most widely used option.

Vinyl makes comeback on Radio

Vinyl is to make a comeback on the radio, for a day.

BBC Radio 6 Music has announced it will be playing only vinyl on New Year's Day.

Most BBC stations phased out vinyl in favour of CDs in the 1990s and the majority now use digital versions of songs.

Presenters Jarvis Cocker and Guy Garvey will be among those dusting off their turntables and Don Letts will be bringing his own seven-inch singles.

But 6 Music bosses have turned the clock back with an "All Vinyl" day to round off a month-long celebration of vinyl.

Station editor Paul Rodgers said: "In a world dominated by digital music, vinyl is a format still close to the hearts of many music lovers and increased sales demonstrate its enduring appeal."

A spokeswoman for the station said: "Listeners can expect rare gems, insights and a few crackles and pops when digital goes analogue for one day only."

Singer-songwriter Richard Hawley will host a show talking to prominent acts such as Arctic Monkeys and Radiohead about the joys and the pitfalls of vinyl.

Dance DJ and producer Andrew Weatherall and singer Cerys Matthews will be joining the vinylfest in their shows.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Awesome end of year party

The Ironworks in Oswestry are hosting a (free entry) end of year party on Friday December 30th 9pm, headed by the AWESOME ZOMBIE ANTS. Bands,DJ's a right good time in prospect at this great venue. The Awesome Zombie Ants also have a really nice red vinyl 12" 5 track EP which just by coincidence we have instore. Electro-rock, it's hard to pigeon hole this great slab of vinyl. Neil Philips of the band also has a side project called SUPERMARKET (also appearing on the night) their CD release is a very clever piece indeed. Sure there will be some on sale at the Ironworks, but if you need a SUPERMARKET CD or AWESOME ZOMBIE ANTS album,APPENDECTOMY (on CD) just let me know.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Happy Christmas we bear Fruits

The latest Fruits de mer releases are in stock at our shop (but me thinks not for long).
If you have already reserved, fear not. But the latest batch of releases , 3 in total are flying of the global shelves at a great rate of knots. For full details of their releases go to our links page and click on the FRUITS link.
Just like to thank everyone for their support during 2011 (shop and Fairs) things are still going pretty well schhhh....fingers crossed for 2012. For those on the mailing list, a post due very soon with some additional info. A Very Merry Christmas to all and a Very Happy New Year.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Mugstar release...more info

*Green vinyl. Edition of 800* Following up their 'Lime' album for Important, Liverpool's psychedelic rock unit Mugstar have enlisted notorious former Loop frontman Robert Hampson to remix album track 'Serra'. What they, and you, get is an epic, 39-minute overhaul. The first 19 minutes or so concentrate on the cyclical krautrock rhythms, sounding kinda like some long lost session recording from an Alpine commune circa '73; one long Head-feeding stretch of motorik percussion enveloped by blown-out harmonic distortion and squally feedback. The flipside essentially swallows the beat and heads out into vintage Tangerine Dream-alike (Klaus Schulze era) soporific ambient stock now £14

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Vinyl bargain box

As the 80's box (under the vinyl racks) has proved so succesful we have added a 'Rock' box covering all forms of Rock The bargain box will not compromise quality and consists mainly of overstocks. So if want music on the cheap all LP's are £2.99 or 2 for £5.

Just in

Besides the arrival of various CAN LP's and the monumental BRAINTICKET-Cottonwoodmill we have just received MUGSTARS two-sided GREEN VINYL release of SERRA (very nice). Also now in stock the BARDO POND/CARLTON MELTON split vinyl release for those Pysch & Spaceheads. Oh yes, the Brainticket Anthology CD boxset is on the shelves too. Due in anytime all the FRUITS DE MERS latest, pre-orders already ongoing for these collectables.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Fair trade

Last Saturday's Record Fair saw the end of this year's events in North Wales, we resume in March 2012 (all dates can be found on our Fairs page). The weather was very kind again in Denbigh (if not a little nippy) and it looks like we just missed the nasty stuff on it's way this week. About 200 visitors on the day which although down abit on the Summer Fair, was to be expected given we are only three weeks away from Christmas. You will notice that next years Fairs finish at the end of October which although quite abit earlier for a last event we think it reflects the visitor trends for events such as these. Traditionally (and not much has changed over the years) March-October is prime time for Record Fairs, the only exception being in the City were you can get away with a Christmas or NewYear date. So, we look forward to 2012.....but still lots to do in our Record Shop before then.