Friday, 30 April 2021

May opening times


As we move towards another Month (next week) , a slight change to our hours at the shop. Core times will remain the same with the shop operating the ONE IN ONE out policy 10am-4pm on Friday and Saturday but we are extending the Appointment slots around these core times and days to give more opportunities to those wishing to have guaranteed browsing time or just to simply pick up a reservation/order at a specific time. To this end there will be an appointments hour added to the end of the day Saturday with Thursday to continue as an appointments only but also with an extra hour tacked on at the end of the day. To simplify...


FRIDAY 10am-4pm SHOP OPEN (One in One out) 4pm-5pm APPOINTMENTS ONLY

SATURDAY 10am-4pm SHOP OPEN (One in One out) 4pm-5pm APPOINTMENTS ONLY.

Thursday, 22 April 2021

Opening times

Just a quick reminder of our shop hours for April.

THURSDAY - Appointments only 10am-4pm phone or text 07904688739 tp book a slot.

FRIDAY - Shop open 10am-4pm ONE IN ONE OUT 

SATURDAY - Shop open 10am-4pm ONE IN ONE OUT 

Hours will be reviewed at the end of the Month.

Monday, 12 April 2021

Open plus Appointments

From 12th April we will also be open instore operating a ONE IN ONE OUT system (masks required) every Friday and Saturday 10am-4pm . Please follow Welsh Government guidlines for visits.

15 minute Appointment slots are also available every THURSDAY between10am and 4pm. Times on appoval, 30 minute slots maybe possible if longer required.

Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Record Store Day titles revealed

Today the official organisers of RSD revealed the exclusive titles to be released on the 2 drops on 12th June and 17th July. We will be updating our website RSD page on a regular basis right up to the day so feel free to visit this page to keep informed on how we are approaching the day and which titles we will be stocking. 

Monday, 5 April 2021

One last time...Click and Collect

 Hopefully this will be the case altough Click and Collect maybe used as an added extra at some point in the future. So, this week we will be at the door of the shop Friday and Saturday 10am-3pm . More news next week but just a quick heads up that we will use the same hours the following week with browsing and entry to the shop allowed ufollowing Welsh Government rules.