Friday, 31 July 2020

Opening times update

Following on from our update on the Record Fair situation, its information about the next step for our shop. A full Newsletter will follow next week with more news on those Record Store Day drops.
With a few weeks having passed since we reopened it has given us the neccessary time to assess what was always going to be a bit of a leap into the unknown. Thankfully so far the measures we have taken to make it safe and as close to where we were before the Coronavirus outbreak seem to have worked. The ONE IN ONE OUT policy has been adhered to respectfully by all customers and we can only thank you for that, its not ideal we know as really we all want to squeeze in an chat whilst browsing without having to check if anyone is waiting to come in.But this is the way it has to be for now. Sunday appointments,giving time and space to browse that little bit longer have proved popular in July, so we will continue with these during August. As we are learning as we go these appointment slots on Sundays will be extended from 15 to 30 minutes. The reasoning behind this is that it fits in well with the amount of appointments we are receiving giving extra time which we think is needed should you wish to have a proper trawl through our stock. In addition Fridays are returning, given this is release day for NEW titles we were keen to use this as the next step
to getting closer to normal opening times. All the above will be reviewed at the end of August and we will keep you informed as always of any possible changes.
So, in brief shop opening times from 1st August are...
FRIDAY 12pm-5pm
SATURDAY 10am-4pm
SUNDAY 11am-2pm (APPOINTMENTS ONLY-30 minute slots)

Sunday, 26 July 2020


50 YEARS - NOSTALGIA 'TRIP'..continued
As we have now exited Lockdown we hope to safely get around a few more locations soon but for now we continue with visits we had 'in the can'.This is a continued 2020 mission to re-visit12 locations/shops/stores with the vinyl purchased at the time.Marking 50 years of personal collecting .These are shops that now exist as something else.The trips are random with no particular order or preference and notchronological in terms of vinyl release dates.Looking back and reflecting with appreciation of the places that helped shape my record collection.

Bold Street
A trip to the top of Bold Street near St.Lukes the 'Bombed out Church',the historic Hairy Records was a great place to visit with vast amounts of vinyl,all genres covered in the well packed racks. For me there was always a guarantee of something worthwhile on the Hammill/VdGG front.Tom and myself also had regular treks over the water and clearly remember the excitement when his found an original 'What Evil Lurks' by The Prodigy, there was no way we were coming home without that! Thats whats great about Independent Record shops, you just never know what you might find.Sadly the shop closed about 8 years ago,it then briefly operated as The Vinyl Emporium closing for the final time a year later. Liverpool has always been blessed with a variety of excellent Record shops long may that continue. Incidentally,the owner of Hairy Records actually bought the first record we ever sold which was at a Chris Savory Record Fair at the Bridge Inn, Port Sunlight (I think it was a Motley Crue album!!).Miss the shop but great memories of my visits to Hairy Records.  

So, like anyone collecting their favourite band what do you do when you have all the albums?
Start collecting the compilations of course-this is one on Pink Charisma (CS2) covers the early part of the bands career, 8 tracks rounding of with the mighty 'Killer'.It was the first VdGG compilation i picked up, happilynow one of many! The fun in collecting for me is never quite reaching the end.....

Friday, 24 July 2020

Record Fair postponements

Looking back to February 29th 2020 at Connahs Quay Civic Hall, we could never of imagined that this would also be our last event of the Year. So,sadly we have to announce that the decision has been taken to postpone all Record Fair activities for this year with the hope that 2021 will bring more certainty and confidence.Things maybe better later in the Year but we have to consider the safety of everyone including our dealers many who travel
from other areas of the UK and of course the Fair goers, any Fair this year it would almost certainly involve restrictions at the venues with fewer stalls possible. .It would be prudent to keep social distancing which in itself would be a challenge and observing this would be tricky given the visitor numbers we are so lucky have.Any vaccine for the masses looks unlikely this side of Christmas,so taking all these factors into account it seems regretfully the right thing to do, we hope you understand.
Once things are clearer planning future events will recommence and we will advise as soon as possible.
Thx Colin

Sunday, 19 July 2020

Taking Appt bookingsfor 26th July

With the continuation for now of SUNDAY appointment bookings to secure a 15 minute slot to chat and browse , we have started taking bookings for Sunday 26th July. The idea is to make your visit uninterrupted by the possibility of people waiting outside while we operate a ONE IN ONE OUT policy. Note if visiting with a member of your own household then its OK to have 2 in the shop at the same time.
So far this appointment system seems to work quite well, we may tweak it a little at the end of the Month and will advise of any small changes at the time.

Sunday, 5 July 2020

Weekends at the shop

Thanks for the support for our return to the shop, we will continue for ALL July with Saturday opening ONE IN ONE OUT 10am till 4pm, with Sunday appointments between 11am and 2pm. You can book a slot by texting us at 07904688739 or dropping us an email. To check appointment availability visit our APPOINTMENTS page.

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Shop access Saturday

This Saturday 4th of July we will open the shop to customers, one at a time on a ONE IN ONE OUT basis.After a few alterations/measures instore social distancing is possible even in our small shop.There will be a sanitiser dispenser by the door and disposable gloves for browsing stock if required.We will also open Sunday 5th July but this is by appointment only. If this suits better you can book a 15 minute slot by texting us on 07904688739.
This will be the theme for July with opening limited to just Saturdays and Sundays, we will
review near the end of the Month and hopefully advise about the next step.
Full newsletter to follow soon....
Thx Colin