Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Organised Chaos

Well, finally the new racks have been constructed so hopefully it won't be such a tight squeeze as it has been over the last three years. The paint is drying as we speak, hopefully when we open tomorrow it will allow us to start the CD re-stocking process. So much happening at the moment it seems strange to be taking a mini-break after Thursday (back open Thursday April 5th). But the batteries are going for a super boost to cope with what promises to be a very exciting Month. The question on everyones lips is probably what are we getting in for RSD? Hope to post up on the BUY FEATURED page next week all the probables. But its still shaping up well so keep watching. The week before RSD we should take delivery of the two new FRUITS DE MER releases, more on that soon too. Finally, saw THE WHITE HILLS last week at the Kazimier club,Liverpool. If you like full on fuzzed out space rock then look no further, blistering live performance supported by Mugstar.
Just by coincidence (not exactly) have a WHITE HILLS vinyl LP in our racks, it was already ordered just proved to be a wise move. A few more Vinyl arrivals including VAN DER GRAAF GENERATORS last album, THE ONLY ONES, JANIS JOPLIN.
Have you spotted a WICKERMAN 7 inch for RSD? Thought so!

Saturday, 24 March 2012

New Properganda RSD special

We now have the latest FREE properganda magazine instore, great issue with lots on Record Store Day...so feel free to pop in and pick one up next time you are in Mold.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

RSD Press release

20 March 2012: Public Image Limited (PiL) frontman John Lydon this evening kicked off the countdown to Record Store Day 2012 with a secret gig and launch event in London’s Shoreditch and a DJ set from Orbital. The event was streamed live to thousands of fans by Boiler Room TV.
It is just four weeks to go to the annual celebrations taking place this year on Saturday April 21. Already a record 206 stores have signed up – 197 in the UK and nine in Ireland.

The initial list of over 350 exclusive Record Store Day releases was also unveiled at the event.

Record Store Day UK coordinator Spencer Hickman said, “The support of artists and labels and music fans for this annual celebration of the indie record shop has been amazing and is really appreciated. To have PiL and Orbital play at our launch is not only a real honour, but it’s a sign of how much Record Store Day has developed.”

Hickman brought the RSD concept of exclusive releases sold only for one day through indie record shops to the UK four years ago. Last year around 180 stores took part. There were around 250 exclusive releases only available in participating stores, more than double the previous year’s tally and more than 200 artists and bands played in record stores around the country.

Many stores had queues hundreds deep when they opened on last year’s Record Store Day. Some were still operating a “one-in-one-out” policy late into the afternoon.

“Record Store Day has now become an established part of the music calendar,” said Hickman. “And what makes it special is the character and individuality of record stores. There’s nothing to beat the enthusiasm and atmosphere of a great record shop. The reason great indie stores succeed is that they love music as much as their customers do. Record Store Day is like one huge festival taking place in every part of the UK. It’s primarily about the record stores and the events, not just the products available”

In what he described as a John Rotten Roll, John Lydon said in support of Record Store Day, “The destruction of the music industry is because people can't buy records easily. A record is for life. A download is a lack of life. A poor substitute for a real wife!"

Paul Hartnoll from Orbital said, “It’s a privilege to be asked to be involved and to promote local record stores up and down the country.”

Record Store Day is sponsored by the Entertainment Retailers Association. Director General Kim Bayley said, “However big and glossy and commercialised the entertainment business becomes, it is vital that we support the grassroots stores who day-in, day-out give their support to new talent.”

Paul Quirk Chairman of ERA added “As Chairman of ERA and a music retailer I have to say for me Record Store Day is the most exciting event of the whole year. I cannot believe how it has grown over the last few years and also how the retailers and the public have embraced it. Each year it moves up another level and I am sure 2012 will be the best ever”.

RSD unleashed

We are in the running for some seriously interesting releases for Record Store Day, we won't be getting everything but if our suppliers do the business we will be more than happy with what we receive. We will be posting the possibilities (so far) on our BUY FEATURED page in the next few days. After a deluge of e-mails over the last 24 hours, once the dust settles we will keep you updated. For the full list of releases visit www.recordstoreday.co.uk
Just to be part of this event is a huge privelige and we intend to enjoy the occassion and fly the flag for Independents despite probably being the smallest Worldwide participator!

Monday, 19 March 2012

RSD countdown begins here

An amazing set by PIL from the Boiler room London to launch RSD UK, a streamed live set closed by Orbital. Releases out in the public domain from today. We already know of a few coming our way so our BUY FEATURED page is one to watch over the coming days and weeks.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

RSD launch 2012

Tomorrow Monday 19th March sees the launch of Record Store Day UK. Much excitement and anticipation over the next few weeks. The launch party in London will feature John Lydon's PIL and Orbital. You won't be able to avoid release information from now till April 21st. As previously mentioned as a participating store we will list anything and everything we can get our hands on for the day, right here on our BUY FEATURED page. But pre-orders are not an option, you can only acquire any releases by visiting a participating store on the day.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Krautrock goes around

Finnish Krautrockers will also be in our racks from Friday....Triumph by Circle to be precise. An unbelievably hypnotic LP but again we will only have one for now.

Arriving somewhere....here

New Vinyl arrivals expected p.m. on Friday include a couple of limited edition Joy Division LP's,Marc Bolan,The Orb,Wire and two collectable Beefheart albums...Dust Sucker,which is a restock plus the Merseytrout LP. On the used front a steady trickle of stock, the stand out being Live in Texas by THE 13th FLOOR ELEVATORS, side one recorded at the Mother Earth Club in Austin 1972 wth side two also from Austins Liberty Lunch circa 1982. Vinyl and sleeve EX. We only have one of each of the above so don't hang around!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Record Fairs underway

Yesterdays Record Fair got us off to a very good start with 250 visitors descending on the Civic Hall,Connahs Quay. The next event in Mold promises to be abit special as it is Record Store Day too!
More on that over the coming weeks, but we aim to put on a great Record Fair to celebrate this occassion, the shop too will be open as a participating store for RSD.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Record Fair Saturday March 10th

Yes, its here at last our first event of the year,at the Civic Hall Connahs Quay will be literally bursting at the seams with the best music around on Vinyl,CD and DVD. Add to this Memorabilia,Merchandise and a very nice retro Hi Fi stall....not bad eh!
The doors open to the public at 10am and stay open until 4pm. Should be a great day, got everything crossed for a good start to our 2012 Record Fair calendar, so hope to see you there.
For venue details,directions etc. go to our Fairs page and click on the Civic Hall.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Record Store Day update

You an now get a Record Store Day App for your phone, Android or i. At the moment not too much info on the App but over the coming days and weeks it should prove to be a very handy tool. We will provide information on anything and everything we are able to get for the day so keep watchin!