Sunday, 7 August 2011

Mold delivers again..with overseas interest

Another solid performance in Record Fair terms at the Daniel Owen Community Centre last weekend. A continual stream of visitors throughout the day kept the attendance numbers in line with previous visits to Mold. It was also good to see that the Fair attract outside interest noteably from a Japanese buyer. He arrived (very eagerely) at 7.30am, and although the Fair officially opened it's doors at 10am we did make an exception in this case, he remained until 1 o'clock before turning his attention to our shop just around the corner, finally departing around 2pm. The length of time spent in Mold we feel is a reflection of the high quality supplied by the excellent dealers on the day,he was also fascinated by size of the shop which resulted in....a few photo's to take back to Osaka. The shop also had Russian visitors last week!