Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Add abit of Glamour to your deck

‘Ode to Harry Dean’ / ‘Spitting Pearls’
Double A-side single on limited 7”
- In our shop from release date, Mon 10th October 2011
Run of only 200 7” singles (including free digital download with every copy)
What you have here is the debut single from one of the brightest hopes of 2011. Post War Glamour Girls come on like Nick Cave fronting Portishead, or Tom Waits grappling with Modest Mouse. Heavy hitting and dry witted, the two songs on this single swell up and boil over into a pair of brooding, thumping masterpieces that reflect both sides of this remarkable band’s aesthetic – the manic, blood-spattered snarl of ‘Harry Dean’ and the more considered (radio-friendly), quiet menace of Pearls. Wearing their hearts firmly on their sleeves, PWGG live shows are a gripping affair. The sets are laced with reckless abundance as songs tinker into a clatter and clatter into a roar before collapsing in a proud heap on top of the audience.
Touring the UK during this Month including support for John Cooper Clarke in Wakefield on October 19th