Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Organised Chaos

Well, finally the new racks have been constructed so hopefully it won't be such a tight squeeze as it has been over the last three years. The paint is drying as we speak, hopefully when we open tomorrow it will allow us to start the CD re-stocking process. So much happening at the moment it seems strange to be taking a mini-break after Thursday (back open Thursday April 5th). But the batteries are going for a super boost to cope with what promises to be a very exciting Month. The question on everyones lips is probably what are we getting in for RSD? Hope to post up on the BUY FEATURED page next week all the probables. But its still shaping up well so keep watching. The week before RSD we should take delivery of the two new FRUITS DE MER releases, more on that soon too. Finally, saw THE WHITE HILLS last week at the Kazimier club,Liverpool. If you like full on fuzzed out space rock then look no further, blistering live performance supported by Mugstar.
Just by coincidence (not exactly) have a WHITE HILLS vinyl LP in our racks, it was already ordered just proved to be a wise move. A few more Vinyl arrivals including VAN DER GRAAF GENERATORS last album, THE ONLY ONES, JANIS JOPLIN.
Have you spotted a WICKERMAN 7 inch for RSD? Thought so!