Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Force Majuere

Will remember to chose words more wisely after the last Blog. On arrival at the shop this morning it became instantly apparent that opening up was not an option. Gas works directly in front of our door meant access to customers was at least abit perilous. The decision was taken immediately to close for the day, this being Independents day was not well timed by planners of the works. But no use griping about it, just got to dust ourselves off and move on. Happily the pipework in front of the shop is completed now and the rather large holes will be filled this afternoon. Tarmaccing is to take place by the Weeekend, so when we re open on Wednesday 11th July all should be good. To anyone who made the trip to the shop only to find in barriered off and closed we are very sorry for any incovenience, but we really had no choice. We have text a few and Tweeted and put it out on Facebook so hopefully you got the message before making the trip. Normality will be resumed next Wednesday and we have some cracking NEW vinyl arriving before then. Will let you know as soon as it lands.