Friday, 10 August 2012

Spooky Acid Folk Vinyl

Limited to just 100 copies on Heavyweight instore!
Devizes is an Acid Folk inspired orchestral horror soundtrack that charts the chase, capture, and subsequent murder, of the last stone circle builder in the British Isles.This journey through a paranoid and violent world has been a new musical direction for Paul Kenney ,a journey that creates an atmosphere of psychosis, fear and inevitability.....

This dark orchestral soundtrack is akin to a disturbed liason between Wagner and Comus, from its soaring Wagnerian choirs, to its sprinkling of eerie chimes. This epic story is powered by Paul's ferocious bass blasts, so powerful that attempts to transcribe them to vinyl failed until a specialist cutting head was found that could harness Paul's thunderous barrage.This is an epic soundscape in the great British tradition of occult cinema, born from a folklore that Devizes perfectly understands.