Saturday, 3 November 2012

Christmas Crackers from Fruits de mer records

Out mid-December, let us know if you need any, lots of interest expected on these limited editions.

On the Regal Crabomophone label, Winkle 9 - US psychedelic rockers The Luck Of Eden Hall are back with a 4-track EP, comprising two songs from their brilliant new CD 'Alligators Eat Gumdrops' along with exclusive covers of The Doors' 'Crystal Ship' and SRC's 'Black Sheep'.Classy stuff from Chicago's finest.

On Fruits de Mer, Crustacean 33 - 'The White EP' - eight tracks from The Beatles' classic double album, spread across four sides of 7" vinyl. Artists contributing exclusive tracks include The Bevis Frond, Cranium Pie, Henry Padovani, Jack Ellister, Anton Barbeau and The Pretty Things (whose version of 'Helter Skelter' has to be heard to be believed - stunning!). Gatefold white sleeve, white vinyl, sequentially-numbered.
A tribute to the original, only smaller.

On Fruits de Mer, Crustacean 34 - 'The League of Psychedelic Gentlemen' -a four-track 7" featuring new or previously-unreleased tracks by four cult heroes of 'new psychedelia'  - Nick Nicely, Anton Barbeau, Paul Roland and The Bevis Frond, who have each gone into the studio, or delved into their archives, to come up with a track per artist for this one-off project. This ISN'T a new supergroup, each artist has contributed their own track).

On Fruits de Mer, Crustacean 35 - The Fruits de Mer 2013 Annual - This year it comprises the bizarre combination of a cover of Faust's 'Jennifer' by Russian prog band Vespero (that arrived too late for the 'Head Music' compilation) with a new version of 'Pegasus' by Temple Music that's a wholly unrepresentative taster for The Hollies album I'll be releasing in early 2013. The combination sounds ridiculous, but you've never heard The Hollies like this before and somehow they fit together.

The three 7" singles will each be produced in two colours of vinyl, while The White EP double 7" will be white vinyl