Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Welcome to 2013

Here we go again, another year with so much to look forward too. Our Record Fairs are now in sight and having just returned from a trip to Prestatyn I have to say am very much looking forward to the trip to the Scala in July. The Cinema now boasts a very swish Courtyard Cafe on the High Street and attached to the Scala frontage. The retail Park is nearing completion and is due to open in March ahead of our visit to the Town. Travel links to the Town are second to none with the Bus and Train station just yards from the venue. But before all that the Civic Hall beckons on March 9th and dealer interest in this is at an all time high. April sees Record Store Day at our shop and our Fair in Mold on April 20th....much excitement over this. As far as the shop goes we hope to have our Online sales page up and running by the Spring, if not before. This is we hope will give customers the option of a click and collect service allowing the facility of payment by Debit,Credit Card or Paypal, which is something we dont currently have in the shop.Intially we will only use this for NEW vinyl and not Used titles in the shop. There is so much we can do and getting to the final goal will probably never happen as you always see there are things you can improve on, so as you get closer the horizon moves further moves......but the fun is trying to do the best you can with what you have and always looking forward.
Happy New Year to all and hope to see you soon....