Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Black Friday

BLACK FRIDAY - with just two days to go it's still all in the lap of the gods what will actually land. All expected titles can be found on our Websites RSD page. As these are all strictly limited US imports some may arrive after the day....this is indicated on the RSD page. With so few being available in the UK we are going by RSD rules and it is simply first come first served...BUT PLEASE CHECK on that RSD page, anything marked as CONFIRMED will be in on Friday. We open at 10.30am. If it is not confirmed and you want to turn up on the Friday you can pre-order non arrivals on the same basis...first pre-order first to get when it arrives, you will be contacted on arrival.
Plans for next years Record Store Day are already underway nationally and this looks to be even bigger again in 2014.