Monday, 18 April 2016

RSD feedback

Last Saturdays Record Store Day was nothing short of amazing....thanks to all for your support. It was our busiest day EVER at the shop and our Record Fair Event over the road at the Daniel Owen Community Centre was buzzing. We had printed 400 Newsletters to be handed out as per usual on the door at the venue...they had all gone by 12.30pm.
Hats off to all in the queue at the shop on RSD with the first there at 12.02am, thats some wait till 9am opening, especially in near Artic conditions. The support of all is appreciated so much, we feel very lucky. To hear of new friendships being forged in the queue is the icing on the cake.RSD leftovers and there are not many, are now listed on our Website RSD page which will be updated daily until next Saturday when any remaining titles will go on our online Store.Waiting for feedback from RSD organisers but guessing that this has probably been a great year all around the UK for the day.