Friday, 3 November 2017

RECORD STORE DAY 2018 - our first reveal

We are very happy to announce that SENDELICA the Instrumental Psych,Space,rock band from West Wales (whose work blends early psychedelic outings, occasional heavy riffing, and electronic ambient musings) will be playing for us in MOLD as part of our Record Store Day event next April.Sendelica conspicuously wear their influences on their sleeves and their music has been described as blending the hypnotic pulse of Can, the impressionistic atmospherics of Pink Floyd, the motorized proto punk of Neu!, the space patrolling guitar pyrotechnics of Jimi Hendrix and the otherworldly ambiences of The Orb.The band have also collaborated with various musicians, artists, film makers and performers over the years.
Its a while off yet but already buzzing about this.
Record Store Day 2018 is Saturday 21st April, more details in the coming Months.