Monday, 31 August 2020

Thanks for Dropping in

Well that was different an yet very similar in many ways. Thanks so much for your amazing support,there have been many sleepless nights leading up to this 1st Drop but hopefully it worked albeit in a new form. There are no words that can fully express our gratitude to everyone, we had not envisaged a queue of that size (and that early) especially in these strange times we are all going through. From the 1st arrival at the shop 4pm on the Friday to close at 4pm on Saturday it was amazing to see so many people and we still got to chat in a socially distanced way. To us and it seems to so many music lovers there really is nothing that can replace picking up and album from a record shop, not sure how the shops who chose online only from 6pm coped, but it just wouldnt have been the same. We do accept it was probably the right thing for some shops but given the size of our shop One in One out does work and if possible we will seek to continue this for the 2nd RSD Drop.It was a cold night/early morning not what you would expect in August heres hoping for a hot September!  The on off saga of RSD 2020 is now underway with 2 more drops to come on the last Saturdays of September and October. We hope you got at least something off the list you were after. We will update you soon about the 2nd and 3rrd RSD Drops.Note the next drop is Saturday 26th September.