Thursday, 30 December 2021

Vinyl Record sales up...but hang on


So, it seems Abba,Adele,Ed and Elton saved the day if you believe the press. I am usually very calm and happy go lucky but this made my blood boil! What the press failed to mention was that the total of Adeles pressings (we were briefed as it caused a backlog for independent releases) was just 0.3 percent of vinyl pressed in 2021, given Abba,ED and Elton sold similar numbers we are probably looking a maximum of 1 percent and Adele has massive amounts unsold (good luck with that after Christmas). Now this is nothing against these artists but please lets here about the bands,labels and record shops who make up the other 99 percent. There has already been disrespectful comments about those who collect vinyl and the need to collect....they just have no idea! Probably wriiten by journalists who dont frequent Record Shops but are happy to fill their house with the latest phones must haves.

I just feel very sad that over 300 shops and all those labels work so hard to see this in the it just me or can you relate to this?

Pop, online listening parties have there place but it pales into insignifance compared with the day to day of the Indie sector.

5 milliom plus vinyl have been sold, Cassette and CD sales are up and it is really something to celebrate