Saturday, 14 April 2012

Anticipation building towards next weekend

A busy day in the shop despite a big day of sport (and no win on the horses for me!), with just a week to go till RSD and our Record Fair in Mold the anticipation is tangible. Will be watching the mail all week to see if we really can get all we asked for. It's going to be some day (positive thinking). We are hoping to be beat our queue size record of 5! For those wanting items not on our list the best option would probably be Piccadilly Records in Manchester were they get pretty much everything (one day!) but if you do set out early as the queue usually stretches round the block. But we have to be realistic and hope that what we get in will at least whet a few pallettes and if so aim to better it next year just as we have aimed to do for 2012. Will try to confirm items as we get them during the week.