Sunday, 22 April 2012

Record Store Day....phew!

Were do you start on this epic day. Just like to thank all those who voted with their feet for real music! I never in my wildest dreams expected the level of support for our little shop and of course the Record Fair. Truly inspiring! Still in shock, but in a happy way. To see so many young vinyl lovers too gives us hope for the future of music. It is quite clear that people still love to own something tangible, real and this event underlines it for all to see. Thanks also to Luke, who provided some great music for those waiting to get into our shop from 9am. The organisers RSD deserve alot of credit for their efforts, there is no doubt that it is a shot in the arm for participating Independent Stores. We having definately progressed from this time last year and will do all we can to bring even more releases to Mold for RSD 2013!