Monday, 23 March 2020

We have closed our shop for now...

Although we had hoped stepping up safety procedures would help this week, given the gravity of the current situation and with thoughts for all our customers it seems best to close With immediate effect until further notice. There is no knowing when we will be back,but assure you our intention is to return when the time is right.We have plenty of current NEW vinyl stock which can be ordered from our website and we will arrange to get it to you by Mail order or some other way. Also, Pre orders will continue to be listed and hopefully by the time of release we will be closer to re opening. In the meantime all those with Pre orders due in very soon will be contacted and we will make sure you receive your orders in or around date of release.
We have added a link on our Website with Mail Order details but will waive any shipping fees until we are fully back on track.
It will be very sad to be away from our little shop, but much more important we all stay safe.
See you soon from us all at VOD Music.