Thursday, 12 March 2020


It is with a heavy heart that we have taken the very difficult decision to NOT participate in this Years RSD.We know this will disappoint many - none more than us, we have had 10 years of wonderful days in April.

After conversations with the UK organisers and the cut off date for ordering in titles upon us,we have had to make a decision IN or OUT. With so many uncertainties relating to social distancing/contact,events and the way RSD may now be delivered under new rules that may or not apply we think its best all round to make an early call on the situation. Record Store Day for us has always been about interaction ,the queue, friendships,selling in the shop face to face, chat and of course the music. This year if things turn out to be far removed from this it is not  what we would want or i guess any of us would want.This decision has been agonised over for days with lots going on behind the scenes (and very little sleep).It will also mean cancellation of our Record Fair (never have we cancelled anything before) and the Live Music which was looking truly amazing. We can only thank Heartbeat Wunderbar, Alison Cotton and The Fellowship of the Hallucinatory Voyagers for their very kind offers to play on the day.
Disappointed doesnt even begin to cover it...
At this stage RSD is still happening elsewhere but under constant review, a postponement might have helped.

Our shop carries on as all shops are at the moment, with the Mold Record Fair cancelled we will review the situation with regard to the Wrexham Fair planned for mid May. We are currently reaching out to contact as many people to inform them about RSD.

We will let you know.

So, from all of us its a big sorry, but our hand was forced by things beyond our control,
Thx Colin