Wednesday, 16 December 2020

Nostalgia Trip number 8

 In view of the announcement in the last hour of another Lockdown looming  in Wales ..something to lighten the mood.

50 YEARS - NOSTALGIA 'TRIP'..continued
With the year we have all had our mission of revisting 12 shops that now exist as something else became a mission impossible.but we had this one in 'the can' visited back in January of this year......We will continue our journey in 2021 .
So for now here is the last of this year, No.8

Cherry Tree Shopping Centre
I may need some help on this one, if anyone out there remembers it? Just over the road from Gravy Train in the shopping centre was the record shop Bargain Box,it was always an exciting Saturday visit (taking in the two shops) but can i find any information on it? May have been some strange dream but i have vinylific evidence so it must be true. The fact is i was a regular , what i am beginning to question is the shop name. It sold new vinyl, my first purchase there being Babe Ruth-First Base but the one shown here was by a band called Seventh Wave. The shop itself was compact but sold competitively priced new vinyl....and lots of Rock Music. Not sure what happened to the shop, maybe it still exists in a parrallel universe.

Released on Gull records in 1975 i was immediately drawn to it by the artwork and the sort of glam get up of Ken Elloitt and Kieran O Connor on the back of the sleeve. This was a studio project by the two musicians and was a keyboard based prog album which i really enjoyed when i got home so a worthwhile purchase of the unknown.The decision to buy was i have to say slightly tipped by the fact that High Banton pops up on the album!Just a bit of trivia, Ken Elloit went on the write music for TV including ITVs lunchtime news bulletin First report.The album was produced by Neil Richmond who was to be a future producer of Motorhead,this album couldnt be further away from that. It is an album with excellent stereo effects and crossovers, excellent through a decent pair of headphones too.
What great find from a great little shop.