Sunday, 20 December 2020

Our top 50

TOP 50
Better late than never, we have been waiting for the last few arrivals to finalise our best sellers vinyl album chart for 2020. It is a list based solely on sales not preference but we have to say despite everything its been a busy year for releases and some cracking albums too.

1.Mansun-The Dead Flowers Reject
2.Neil Young-Homegrown
3.PJ Harvey-Rid of me
4.King Gizzard and the Lizzard Wizzard-Chunky Shrapnel
5.Idles-Ulta Mono
6.PJ Harvey-To bring you my love
7.Fontaines DC-A heros Death
8.Working Mens Club0Workingmens Club
9.Jehnny Beth-To love is to live
10.PJ Harvey-Dry
11.Nick Cave-Idiot Prayer
12.PJ Harvey-Dry demos
13.Doves-The Universal want
14.PJ Harvey-To bring you my love demos
15.David Bowie-Changesnowbowie
16.PJ Harvey-4 track demos
17.The Flaming Lips-American Head
18.AC DC-Power up
19.David Bowie-Metrobolist
20.Alison Cotton-Only Darkness now
21.Tame Impala-Slow Rush
22.Late Night Final-A wonderfl hope.
23.John Parish and Polly Jean Harvey-Dance Hall at Louse Point
24.Agnes Obel-Myopia
25.Rose City-Summerlong
27.Oasis-Whats the Story (anniversary edition)
28.Osees-Protean Threat
29.Kavus Torabi-Hip to the Jag
30.Laura Marling-Song for our daughter
31.Liam Gallagher-MTV unplugged
32.Courteeners-More Again Forever
33.Omar Souleyman-Shlon
34.Iron Maiden-Nights of the Dead
35.King Gizzard and The Lizzard Wizard-Live in San Francisco
36.Neil Young and Crazy Horse-Return to Greendale
37.Joy Division-Closer (40th Anniversary edition)
38.Guns n Roses-Greatest Hits
39.the National-High Velvet expanded
41.The Strokes-The New abnormal
42.This is the Kit-Off Off On
43.Eels-Earth to Dora
44.Angel Olsen-Whole new Mess
45.The Stone Roses-Remixes
46.Acanthus-Le Frission Des Vampires
47.Pearl Jam-Gigaton
48.LA Witch-Play with Fire
49.Bob Mould-Blue Hearts
50.White Hills- Splintered Metal Sky

Incidentally our top selling CD album was:
AC DC-Power up