Sunday, 9 February 2020


In catch up mode as this was posted out on Facebook last Month, we will post out this and Februarys immediately to get us back on track.

VIRGIN RECORD SHOP- 90 Bold Street, Liverpool.
This was only the 2nd Virgin shop in the UK back in the early 70s, so different from later stores.Floor cushions,dim lighting,strange intoxicating smells, a teenager this was cool place to be.
Faust-The Faust Tapes (1973) was my introduction to Krautrock, the mesmerising artwork kept me transfixed all the way home on the train. This mighty Germanic mash up, was an eye opener...still up there with my favourite albums of all time. Caught them live at the Stadium,Liverpool the year after,sure it involved a pneumatic drill and a slab of concrete .