Sunday, 9 February 2020


For those who dont use Facebook we are now going to post out these nostalgia trips here as well.
With the dawn of a new decade came the sudden realisation that it is 50 years since my first vinyl buy back in the Summer of 1970,Where did half a century go! Anyway this got me to thinking of a mission for the coming year - revisting some of the locations of
record shops where i purchased my original LP, the only thing is the shops i will be visiting no longer exist as a record shop.Sounds abit crazy, must be an age thing but the nostalgia kicked in and seemed like a fun thing to do to mark 50 years and is already proving to be a very
interesting and enjoyable task.Despite the demise of these Record shops they were all very important to shaping of my personal record collection and though no longer present in a physical form they are engraved in my memory, just a quick glance in and the reimagination of the racks, counter and staff at the time becomes a clear image, their existance is very much appreciated. There will no particular order or preference and not chronilogical in terms of vinyl release dates. It of course maybe of no interest to anyone else (or it maybe), but if you have any memories of any on the list feel free to comment. Aiming on posting out pics/details about 12 in 2020.
First TRIP to follow soon